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Fertilizer Chemicals and Their Role in Modern Agriculture

Fertilizer Chemicals And Their Role In Modern Agriculture

The use of fertilizer chemicals as agricultural products has been a part of the reality of farming for thousands of years. Where early farmers used manure and wood ash, modern agriculture has refined this process.

Why Farmers Use Fertilizer Chemicals

Soil naturally contains a host of nutrients that allow nutrient-rich produce to grow from it. If there are not enough nutrients present the plant will become deficient, stop growing and eventually die. When a plant becomes nutrient deficient it may never recover, for example resulting in a tree which never bears fruit due to a lack of nutrients early in its growth cycle.

Some of the nutrients in the soil that make for highly nutritious quality produce are phosphorous, potassium, calcium and nitrogen.

Fertilizer Chemicals in South Africa for Food Security

The most significant reason for using fertilizer chemicals in agriculture is to ensure that enough quality produce reaches the public and feeds communities. Without the use of fertilizer chemicals, it is hard to guarantee food security. That is why we need innovators to supply fertilizer chemicals to the industry to ensure our ever-expanding nations stay fed, and well.

The nutrients in the soil need to be replaced after each harvest for farmers to maintain their reputation for delivering quality produce. With the ever-growing global population, food security is a real concern which agriculturalists have already started to address with the use of chemical fertilizers.

Fertilizer Chemicals Companies in South Africa

Kalkor is a leading agricultural distributor that has been in the industry since 1964. They even played a role in the founding of Sasol Fertilizer. Kalkor primarily makes use of lime and gypsum for crop planting customers, especially after partnering with H Pistorius & Co in 2012. This allowed for Kalkor to become directly involved in the production and processing of lime and gypsum across Southern Africa.

By specialising in the innovative use of fertilizer chemicals Kalkor is ensuring South Africa’s food security for the future as they are constantly developing better methods for producing nutrient-rich produce. Visit our agricultural directory for this and any and all of your other agricultural product needs.

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