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UV Light Sterilization and Infrared Heaters in South African Agriculture

South African agriculture has come a long way, and we’ve seen some genius innovations to simplify and streamline agricultural processes. These innovations include UV light sterilization and infrared heaters. This article will briefly explain both, and how they have helped to make the agricultural produce in South Africa safe to consume by eliminating the need for chemicals.

UV Light Sterilizaton: What It Is and How It Works

Also known as ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, UV light sterilization is used very effectively in the agricultural sector. It is a disinfection process whereby short-wavelength UV light is used to kill any potential pathogens on/in the food or drink before it is packaged to be sold to the public. It kills inactive organisms by destroying the nucleic acids and disrupting the DNA, meaning that they are unable to live or grow. It is also used as a means to purify water.

The Use of Infrared Heaters in South Africa

Infrared heating can be used in greenhouse or indoor growing as well as in open fields with the use of infrared ribbons in the soil. It’s used to keep a constant temperature to ensure the best yield. Infrared heaters have also been successfully used to dehydrate certain food products like potatoes and other vegetables.

Infrared has been coupled with UV lighting as a means of sterilization in the world of agriculture. UV & IR Engineering have been particularly successful in this regard.

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