Are You Looking for An Uncomplicated, Flexible Solution for Complex Perimeter and Border Security Challenges

PathfinderZA (Pty) developed a UGS Sensor it is a coffee cup size, concealable sensor.The sensors can be placed in unsecured area in rural settings, to sense and report any seismic activity, within a twenty-meter radius.  A notification will be sent to our app vehicles and footsteps will be sensed. One of the benefits is that you don’t need to have an existing power infrastructure to use the sensors.   Each battery powered sensor has a lifetime of approximately 24 months.

The sensors are completely unattended.

This tested technology is now available for commercial security applications, like guarded facilities, protecting oil and gas infrastructure as an anti-poaching tactic, border patrol and so much more.

More sensors can be deployed as an intelligent fence line at known choke points.  When a sensor is triggered, a pinpoint alert displays on the map.  The monitoring data can also be integrated into custom command and control software.

You will know exactly where and when your perimeter was breached and be able to react instantaneously.  Guard response or UAV flight and simply logging the information yields, are quick to install.  You require no external power or networking.  With the Our UGS it delivers   intrusion awareness, increases your security and decreases your costs


Find your thread BEFORE it finds you

• Combat Proven

• Optimized for “Point Detection”

• Proprietary, Patented RF Radio

• Long-Range Transmissions without relays or gateways

• Extended Battery Life

• Customized algorithms/functionality

• Slew-to-Cue and Fly-to-Cue ready


Real-world detection and monitoring of asymmetric threats

To be successful, threats require two things… surprise and manoeuvre. Pathfinder eliminates both by covertly detecting, identifying, and monitoring threat activities, movement patterns, route networks, and key locations to determine his intent BEFORE he’s able to cause damage or inflict harm.


This allows Pathfinder users to choose when and where to interdict the threat, making it appear as ‘chance contact’, thus keeping the threat’s tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) intact and giving him no indication that his activities, behaviour, or tactics have been compromised.


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