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Speck: Innovating For The Agri Sector

Speck: Innovating For The Agri Sector

Innovating For Success

SPECK is committed to product innovation that embraces new technologies to support the needs of all industries, including the agricultural industry. Our innovation experts have engineered units to suit the pre-filtration, filtration, circulation and disinfection and sanitizing needs of various processes.

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Our Role In The Agriculture Industry

Manufacturing solutions that support adequate water circulation within the agricultural industry is essential to SPECK. As a result, we strive to assist this industry throughout each step of its water management. Thanks to our extensive experience, we have successfully innovated solutions that meet this sector’s unique needs and standards.

Since agricultural processes rely heavily on flawless water management, we provide products that assist with filtration, circulation, and irrigation. Our units are capable of moving water essential for maintaining productivity and delivering superior circulation and filtration results.


Leading Circulation And Filtration

We assist with versatile filtration systems to support the needs of washing stations and cooling towers used on tomato, citrus, grape and potato farms. SPECK’s pumps can also assist cooling systems used in packhouses to meet necessary water circulation needs.


The BADU®PORPOISE is a classic self-priming circulation pump that can perform flawlessly in various settings. This unit is reinforced and designed to better withstand the long-term effects of wear and tear. Best suited for small and large installations, this pump is engineering for absolute durability and offers low noise emissions.


The self-priming BADU®GALAXY pump is suited explicitly for large agricultural applications, where more extensive and better flow rates are required. This unit, made from 100% recyclable plastic, is manufactured to ensure durability and offer superior performance.


Maintaining Health And Safety

Blue Lagoon UV-C Systems combine ultraviolet light and ozonation to provide revolutionary water disinfection and sanitation that does not require the use of chemicals, eliminating the need for chemical treatments. This system ensures that harmful fungi and bacteria are destroyed without exposing fruit and vegetables to harmful chemicals. Additionally, these systems assist in reducing water waste, serving to improve the overall efficiency of water filtration and circulation.

Aiding The Agriculture Sector

Our filtration, circulation and disinfection units offer businesses in the agricultural industry access to quality, affordable solutions. If you require comprehensive systems that prioritise the needs of your operation, SPECK can assist.

Reach out to our team for a professional assessment and recommendation tailored to your unique needs.


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