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OLI South Africa

Making business simpler for customers, while going global with a first-class product, has proved successful in establishing industrial vibration technology company OLI as the world’s top-selling supplier of vibration equipment.


The OLI product is distributed in Southern Africa by its subsidiary in Gauteng, South Africa.


OLI has been committed to delivering high-quality market-orientated products since being founded in 1961. As a strong believer in innovation, OLI is constantly striving to be ahead of the curve. A team of engineers specialise in designing efficient, reliable and safe solutions, backed up by globally certified quality management.


It is our drive for innovation and industry service that forces us to evaluate our product offerings to all sectors on a continuous basis.


We have always had all the internal and external vibrators, converters, and accessories for reliable and efficient concrete compaction. 

We listen to our customers. If you need a product to simplify your life, we will assist.


For thin layers of concrete, such as floors or slabs, a short, light, and manoeuvrable vibrator is needed. We now have internal high frequency vibrators with pistol grips for exactly this.

We recognised that electricity constraints are hampering production, so we have brought back our pneumatic internal vibrator range, no need for electricity, so no work interruptions.


We also recognise that price is starting to play a huge role in the concrete sector. Soon we will have our mechanical poker and generator product range back in the product fold thus offering a reduced cost option to our customers. The added benefit is that no electricity is required to drive these units.


OLI is a credible expert when it comes to assistance in finding the most suitable solution.

When you need it, where you need it – the mission statement that gives OLI the edge over its competitors.




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