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Caring for Your Veterinary Supplies

With veterinary skills being imperative for the agricultural sector to treat livestock, it’s important to know where to find the best veterinary supplies in Johannesburg and how to treat your veterinary equipment so that it stays functional and safe. Here are some tips for taking care of your vet supplies:

  • Get your vet equipment regularly serviced and repaired to ensure that it functions the way that it is meant to so as to keep livestock and users safe
  • Familiarise yourself with the correct use of each piece of equipment – using it wrong may lead to quicker deterioration of the tool
  • Keep all of your warranties – it’s important to have the surety that if your equipment is faulty or breaks quicker than it should, that the responsible parties replace it with no additional cost to you
  • To avoid the spread of harmful bacteria and pathogens, veterinary supplies need to be sterilized and kept clean before, during and after use. It must also be stored correctly and in a safe place to avoid contamination and theft.
  • Keep the right cleaning material for each piece of equipment – excessive water on some equipment may cause damage, etc.

To ensure the wellbeing of the animals being treated, finding the relevant veterinary suppliers in South Africa is important. Suppliers from here understand the needs of the livestock and will advise the best equipment for you. For the best veterinary supplies, visit Swavet.  

For more agricultural equipment suppliers, visit our directory.

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