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Nampo! Innovative Agriculture Showcased 2023

Nampo! Innovative Agriculture Showcased 2023

With 81 945 visitors this year, it was once again an example of innovation by the grain value chain but also the South African agricultural sector. Ample opportunity was provided for conversation, interaction with the 823 exhibitors and an opportunity for families to enjoy agriculture in a safe, hospitable environment. Close to 200 planes and 75 helicopters landed on NAMPO Park's runway during the week.

"It was indeed NAMPO as we know it, but with a lot of innovations by exhibitors. The ultra-modern buildings that some exhibitors have erected on the park are exciting and set a new standard for exhibitors. It's great to see exhibitors showcasing their full ranges and latest technology. Grain SA is also incredibly grateful for the good weather that prevailed this week," said Dr Pieter Taljaard, CEO of Grain SA.

He says Grain SA's main goal with NAMPO is to return value to their members, the grain value chain, and the entire agricultural sector. "The attendance figures are an indicator of agriculture's relevance, but it is more important that the right feet were here - and the exhibitors' satisfaction confirms this, because the right feet in turn attract the right exhibitors.

"It is also rewarding to see what alternatives to the issue of the location differential were on display at NAMPO. It shows that with technology as a starting point there is often a solution to a challenge such as the differential or grain grading," Taljaard added.

According to Dr Dirk Strydom, Grain SA's NAMPO, Marketing and Research Coordination Lead, load shedding presented some challenges, but they were able to manage it and thus ensure that other essential services, such as water and sewage on site, continue normally. "NAMPO Park has once again shown its worth as a showground that is geared to handle these volumes of exhibitors and visitors well," Strydom said.

NAMPO's chairman, Danie Minnaar, considers it a unique show but also with a strong family character. "Just look around on the park. NAMPO is a focused business show, but it is presented on a family-friendly site. It is precious to us." Minnaar expressed his appreciation to the community of Bothaville and surroundings for their willingness and support to host the show annually. He says NAMPO brings local communities together.

The Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, Thoko Didiza, visited NAMPO on Friday, 19 May. During a meeting with organised agriculture and the Free State MEC for Agriculture and Local Development, Minister Didiza said agriculture has found a home in the Free State thanks to NAMPO. She advised delegates to take advantage of the comparative economic advantages offered by NAMPO.

Grain SA dons a new jacket
On the first day of NAMPO, Grain SA introduced a new corporate identity and logo for the group. The new logo contains the mathematical “≥” sign which implies that the organisation's members together, are stronger than the single voice out there. This unified voice resonates authenticity and relevance, and the refreshed logo speaks of the dynamics of grain and oilseed production in South Africa.
"Grain SA has always been a dynamic organisation and it is important that we now adapt to changing times in order to remain relevant to all grain producers in South Africa," Derek Mathews, chairman of Grain SA said during the launch. Although the new identity graced the site during NAMPO, it will be phased in over time.
Stay tuned!
The NAMPO app, which this year allowed visitors to search for exhibitors, navigate to exhibitions and research products and special offers, will remain live with relevant exhibitor information, as well as virtual tours of the 2023 NAMPO stalls.
2024 Outlook
The show dates for next year have been confirmed for 14 - 17 May 2024. Grain SA intends to pay attention to the following matters:

  • Improving the flow of access control at the gates in terms of the ticketing system.
  • A fresh focus on ensuring exhibitors' and visitors' NAMPO experience improve through the further use of technology and improvement of the park's infrastructure.
  • Grain SA is satisfied with the current number of exhibitors and would rather continuously ensure that the variety of exhibitors remains relevant.
  • Promote the use of NAMPO Park’s buildings and facilities as a business park throughout the year.

The following NAMPO shows that will be presented under the banner of Grain SA in 2023 are NAMPO Cape (13-16 September in Bredasdorp) with a winter grain focus; NAMPO ALFA (12-14 October on NAMPO Park) with a focus on livestock, hunting and outdoor; and the OFM NAMPO Park Christmas Market (1-2 December on NAMPO Park). More information is available online at

Derek Mathews during the new identity launch. The Grain SA group's new corporate identity saw a new Grain SA logo, but also a brand-new NAMPO logo. Although it was already displayed at certain strategic points during NAMPO, the new identities will be phased in over time.

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