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Farming with Pinpoint Precision

DFM Software Solutions, started in September 2000 by Dirk Friedhelm Mercker, (who has a BSc in Math’s and Applied Math’s, as well as Computer Science from the University Stellenbosch) manufactures and markets highly specialized end–user applications for the agricultural markets. With more than 26 years' experience, DFM Software Solutions have been providing software and hardware support for the last 20 years and currently employs staff in their manufacturing, support and sales teams. We also have a national network of agents throughout the country, making our products much more accessible to clients.


We are committed to quality, functionality and strong support. We provide solutions to more than 6500 customers countrywide and have introduced products to the international market as well. All of our software packages and products are developed and produced locally. Many of our clients use MB4000 to implement processes and data capturing that helps with becoming accredited to GLOBALG.A.P. This is fast becoming one the most important requirements for all farmers that export their fresh products. Due to impending water legislation in SA, it is becoming essential for farmers to be able to schedule irrigation effectively and keep records of all activities on the farm, such as chemicals sprayed. We have addressed the new regulations by developing software that can successfully keep track of scheduled irrigations and chemical spray records. With its advanced software, DFM assists farmers to be more environmentally aware and keep accurate records of farm activities.


Our CLP probes have become one of the leading brands in the market, delivering a quality product whilst reducing costs, saving water and increasing yields (some as high as up to 60%).


As experts in irrigation & automation scheduling systems, DFM Software Solutions is usually involved in every stage of client consultation. From client product selections to implementation to completion, DFM offers continual functional and technical support. Our extensive skills encompass all aspects of implementation and operation. Typically, we are on-site on the farm, providing functional, technical training and support, resolving any and all troubleshooting issues that arise when the client initiates usage in a live setting.

With new products being developed to suit the needs of our market, we will continue to keep our clientele's concerns and suggestions in mind as we create new and improved products.

With climatic changes aggressively impacting resource availability, our clients have taken a leap towards new age thinking methodologies of using the best of what is available with low cost implications.


What support is provided from DFM?

Telephonic support on all of our products

Our consultants specialize in each of the products we provide to assist with any problem

If there are any physical problems a consultant will set up an appointment to visit the site at the earliest time possible

DFM will

Treat personal information as strictly confidential

Take appropriate measures to ensure personal information is kept secure against accidental loss, destruction or damage as well as unauthorized or unlawful processing


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DFM Software Solutions is usually involved in every stage of client consultation