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Carrus Fleet Management's New Winning Plan

Carrus Fleet Management's New Winning Plan


The overall initial evaluation is done completely free of charge and is usually completed within 2-4 days.

Carrus Fleet Management Services proven performance history makes the company well known in the specialized transport, mining, construction, commercia l agriculture, courier, and general logistics sectors.

Our main purpose is saving money for our customers and reducing risks while increasing operational productivity and processing capacity.

The team consists of expert fleet consultants with extensive knowledge of all the relevant industries and have created numerous successful turnaround strategies and business optimizations over the past number of years.

The company has established business relationships with some of the world's top fleet systems and technology suppliers.

In keeping with the global demand for faster, more complete data with minimum input from the consumer, we now introduce FUEL SENSE'".

With the brand-new technology, the company is pioneering in fleet management. FUEL SENSE'" is a mobile application that can function on the onboard computers of vehicles, laptops, smart phones, or tablets. Hassle-free claim of diesel rebates reduce risk, management of diesel.


FUEL SENSE'" is an indispensable tool when it comes to reclaiming fuel levies and taxes, because fuel makes up such a large part of commercial agriculture's running expenses, it is absolutely essential for the agricultural sector to manage this expense optimally.

In South Africa, a large component of the final fuel price is made up by taxes and levies. Every litre of fuel purchased is taxed with the general fuel levy, Road Accident Fund (ROF) levy, carbon levy and customs and excise duty.

To promote competitiveness, a diesel refund scheme or diesel rebate was implemented by SARS from 2000.


FUEL SENSE'" simplifies and eases the cumbersome administration associated with the diesel refund scheme claim process

By that:

•               All transactions  are monitored and checked in real time.

•               Accurate data is created that  is verifiable  and quantifiable.

•               Analyzing  the data  leads to valuable  management reports.

Regular successful refund claims can be submitted, which has a positive impact on the cash flow of businesses.


The farmer's responsibility is limited to keeping invoices up to date and submitting the necessary documentation on time.

Businesses interested in implementing the FUEL SENSE'" system can contact the FUEL SENSE'" fleet consultants for an initial analysis and evaluation.

After that, the consultant will be able to give advice on the best system for optimal savings with a savings estimate resulting from the evaluation and analysis.

FUEL SENSE'" is available in three options:

  • Base - The entry-level option that includes only fuel and vehicle reports.
  • Advance - The mid-level option that includes fuel, vehicle, and vehicle driver reports.
  • Pro - The top option that provides total finger-on-the­pulse peace of mind keeping up to date and submitting the necessary documentation on time.


Contact us today and don't delay!

Cell: +27 (0) 79 508 5778

Tel: +27 (0) 861999 955

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