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The Value of Armed Response Companies in South Africa

The South African Police Service, together with Stats SA, released the crime report for 2018 and 2019. This report demonstrates how many crimes were reported during this period. A total of 2.01 million crimes were recorded in 2019 – these exclude the incidents that never got reported at all, so this number is probably higher in reality. The highest crime statistic was commercial crime, having increased by 14.4% since 2018.

South Africans are well aware of the high crime rate surrounding the country, and they understand the importance of being prepared and deterring criminals. People are turning to armed response companies as a way to reduce crime in their communities. The best armed response companies in South Africa are employed to show presence in neighbourhoods; keeping children, pets, houses and shops safe.  Their staff are professionally trained to properly handle high-risk situations and emergencies.

What do Armed Response Companies Do?

Armed response companies are often visibly patrolling the streets and can quickly respond to an emergency faster than the police can, making them an extra source of security for their communities.

  • Armed response companies patrol neighbourhoods and ensure the safety and security of property and people. They are trained to be on the lookout for suspicious characters, remove loitering people where there shouldn’t be, and to respond quickly to alarms.
  • Most of the armed response companies are involved in community projects where they raise money and gather donations for charities. They often visit schools to spread the word about safety tips.

To improve the security for your home and business, it’s well worth it to hire an armed response company! Ithuba Protection Services can help.

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