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The First Y651 IPRO Soya Bean Planting at SHS

The First Y651 IPRO Soya Bean Planting at SHS

The much-anticipated soya bean planting season is finally upon us and the team at Southern Hemisphere Seeds (SHS) is excited for their first soya bean planting that contains the lntacta Roundup Ready 2 Pro® technology! The Y651 IPRO cultivar will not only place SHS at the forefront of GMO technology, but will also enable SHS to provide this technology to South African farmers.


The first Y651 IPRO planting at SHS marks the end of a long journey involving permit applications, evaluation processes, importation, testing, and public participation steps that needed to be adhered to in order to successfully introduce this new GMO technology into South Africa.


What Makes the Y651 IPRO Soya Bean Cultivar So Special?

Statistics show that South American producers who have grown lntacta® soya beans commercially have seen an average 9,2% increase in yields since 2013/2014 (which means that lntacta® technology has added 20 million tons of soya beans to South American production since 2013). The Y651 IPRO soya bean cultivar (which contains lntacta RR2 Pro®) will protect against insect damage caused by the African bollworm. Intacta RR2 Pro® also provides improved glyphosate tolerance for weed management.


South African Trial Results

Local trials concluded that lntacta RR2 Pro® cultivars had an average yield advantage of 300 kg/ha compared to lntacta RR1® cultivars. This means that both productivity and profitability are set to increase for soya bean farmers that use this new technology.


In Summary

There has never been a better time to invest in better soya bean cultivars! If you would like to learn more about Southern Hemisphere Seeds’ Y651 IPRO soya bean cultivar, then don’t hesitate to email us at You can also contact Arnold at 068 551 4533 if you have any order enquiries.


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