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Southern Hemisphere Seed
Company Information

Southern Hemisphere Seeds (SHS) was born out of the desire of a group of farmers and industry leaders to make available to the South African market the latest technologies in the world for the production of soya. This was absolutely necessary if we are willing to cope with the increasing South African needs of this product and its by-products.

South Africa has a unique geographical condition with plenty of differences in production conditions. This creates a complex and challenging environment that took us some time to understand it first and move forward with the application of the adequate management tools for the farmers of each area. With extensive testing of more than 250 cultivars over the past years, we were able to identify the right cultivars for each and every area. Today Southern Hemisphere Seeds can rely on a portfolio of its SOYield cultivars that will not only improve the yields but also allow the farmers to be at the leading edge of genetic development in the world.

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Our genetic base is the result of the selection of cultivars from four different breeding programs in South America that relate geographically and agronomically with similar farming conditions of South Africa. We have access to choose from more than 10.000 new crossings every year. These cultivars we choose are the latest development and carry the highest potential in production and disease tolerance together with the latest technology of herbicide resistance.

As part of SHS’s commitment with the farmer, we organized with farmers, dealers, cooperatives and different stake holders of the soya production chain, meetings and workshops to be able to share and improve the knowledge about this crop at every level. It’s imperative that the latest technology that we are bringing to the market is met by farmers with the right management tools to realize the full potential of our cultivar’s portfolio.

The company is moving forward and we are planning to keep on bringing answers to the South African famers. As part of this challenge we are starting our new development programs with sunflowers with bird resistance and a new range of Sorghum cultivars.

Southern Hemisphere Seeds is a company created by farmers for farmers and we are committed to our values of creating opportunities, giving the best service and to do all this with the passion that moves us every day to achieve a better crop.

Have a good harvest.

Products & Services

SOYIELD is the product from the combined efforts of farmers and seed companies to improve the soya crops of South Africa and achieving the ultimate goal of higher yields with lower input costs. Our extensive distribution network gives the producer access to the SOYIELD program across the country, ensuring support and seed on time, every time.

Round Up Ready technology is included in each of our cultivars ensuring optimum performance as well as allowing the SOYIELD varieties to express their vigorous genetic abilities.

Try the range of cultivars and be the first to savor the latest genetic developments the world has to offer to you the producer.

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Physical Address
Stone House
510 Makou Street
Monument Park X2
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Stone House
510 Makou Street
Monument Park X2
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Sunday: Closed
Monday: 8:00-17:00
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