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Jooste Cylinders: Innovation in Irrigation

Irrigation systems run deep through the earth and across Africa, and the reality is that they are not permanent. They can be costly to replace and unearth yet these systems are required to keep communities afloat. Luckily, Jooste Cylinders provides innovation for irrigation systems that extends their lifespan.

New Vision

Jooste Cylinder & Pump Company (Pty) Ltd was started in 1967 by Christie Jooste who developed a borehole pump using a cylinder that could deliver more water with less power. The stainless steel cylinders have become permanent changes to their design.

The new vision for Jooste Cylinders is to improve existing products so that they may serve their communities better and for longer. New innovations can be developed thanks to investment in research and new systems like solar-operated pumps.

Available Products

Jooste Cylinders provides innovations for improving the functionality of irrigation systems that is essential to agriculture in South Africa by providing the following:

  • borehole cylinders
  • float valves
  • force cylinders
  • force heads
  • submersible adaptors
  • stroke adjusters
  • hand pumps
  • adaptor foot valves
  • pipe protectors

Plunger Set

The plunger set is specially designed to seal water securely between the plunger and the cylinder wall. This secure seal means that the pipes are less likely to leak or burst meaning the lifetime of the system can be extended inevitably.

Hand pump

The hand pump is geared to bring water to Africa. A breakthrough in design means that the shorter stroke the spring-loaded hand pump allows water to be lifted up to 10m above the surface from 50m deep boreholes. It is low on energy consumption and is optimal for pumping water into a tank. It is ideal for household and rural water supply and can even support small-scale irrigation. This innovation is a leap forward in empowering communities to be self-sufficient.

Jooste Cylinders not only works to keep systems working but allows for new communities to be sustained through innovative processes.


Cylinders connected to windmills make use of natural energy to pull water from the ground. The gearbox of the windmills converts the rotary energy into reciprocating strokes that bring the water to the surface. Take advantage of irrigation suppliers in South Africa because these applications are low-cost, low-energy and they work!


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