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Optimizing Plant Resilience: Strategies For Thriving in The Hottest Summer on Record

In the Northern hemisphere we are experiencing the hottest summer ever recorded.
While we can’t control the weather, we can set plant nutrition and adjust it to the plant’s needs as they change with temperatures. We can also provide plants with measures that will keep it vital under heat and drought stresses!

Haifa offers comprehensive solutions that will help your crops thrive in the harsh summer.

Multicote™ - release by degrees
Plant metabolism and growth rate are affected by temperature: temperature rise accelerates plant physiological processes and induces faster growth, which in turn increases the demand for nutrients. And here is where Multicote™ enters the picture. Multicote™ controlled release fertilizers are based on unique coating technology that ensures that the rate of nutrient release to the root zone is governed by temperature, similarly to plant demand. Thus, nutritional supply matches plant needs as they change with temperatures!
It is worthwhile mentioning that other soil parameters such as pH, microbial activity and humidity don’t affect the release rate, so Multicote™ is a TRUE controlled release fertilizer.  
Learn more about Multicote™ technology
Multi-K™ - smart water management
Another challenge that the hot summer imposes on plants is drought. To help plants utilize the scarce water more efficiently, it is advisable to supply potassium in the form of Multi-K™ potassium nitrate.
First, Multi-K™ encourages establishment and branching of a root system that better absorbs water from the soil. Multi-K™ also improves plant water management, as nitrate-fed plants utilize water about 100% more efficiently than ammonium-fed plants. Moreover, Multi-K™ provides plant-available potassium, which is required for opening and closing of stomata and regulating transpiration, thus reducing water requirements.
In addition, Multi-K™ prevents salinity build-up and eliminates the need for extra-irrigation to remove salts from the soil.
Learn how to choose the right potassium nitrate product for your crops? 
HaifaStim™ - plant empowerment against heat waves
As even short periods of heat or drought stress can affect the entire growth cycle and harm the yield, it is advisable to give the plant the ability to handle stress situations. The HaifaStim™ range of biostimulants includes products that improve plant’s resistance towards stresses in various ways:
HaifaStim™ Wall-Up is a source of highly efficient silicon for plants. Silicon, which is defined as a plant beneficial element, increases the strength of plant membranes, thus reducing evapotranspiration during times of drought and high temperatures. HaifaStim™ Wall-Up also induces lateral root growth, thus improving water uptake from the soil.  
HaifaStim™ Booster is an ideal supplement to alleviates abiotic stresses. It contains high concentrations of low molecular weight amino acids, which act as efficient osmolytes that guarantee prompt response to water, salinity and heat stress. HaifaStim™ Booster also stimulates the production of molecules with stress-mitigating action.
HaifaStim™ Rally is a glycine-betaine formula, concentrated natural compound with effective antioxidant and osmotic activity that protect plants from heat and osmotic stresses.



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