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Everything Electrical for Agriculture: ACDC Express

Electricity has changed the way agriculture functions on a dramatic scale. It has been implemented in everything from simply providing light to pumping and irrigation. The applications for electricity are far reaching in the agricultural world and ACDC Express knows this well. But how can you harness the power of electricity for agriculture in such a way that it minimises the carbon footprint and costs on a farm?

Energy saving solutions: Solar power

Farms in the sunny countryside should take on solar power to serve the agricultural sector more efficiently. The huge plots of land are perfect for laying out multiple panels to soak up the sun’s energy and use this instead of relying on electricity from the grid.

By using solar energy you not only lessen the carbon footprint of your individual farms but this has a direct influence on that of everyone else’s because you are providing their food. The demand has not changed but the way in which it is obtained has been optimised to minimise the effect on the environment. If these solar panels are implemented everywhere we could drastically limit the energy required in farming in South Africa and reduce the electricity bills of said farms by up to a third.

The solar panels can charge throughout the day in order to be effective come night time whether it be to pump water or to light the chicken coop for the evening. Pumping water via electrical power is much more effective and safe without the use of wires for connections which can easily become exposed and pose a serious safety hazard.

This is particularly useful for farms that are located in rural areas and have difficulty connecting to the electrical grid. The management of electricity onsite is much easier than the host of problems that arise with trying to stay connected to the grid.

Everything that ACDC Express has to offer can be powered by solar energy. They even have kits that have up to fourteen hours of battery life. Imagine if all of the lights on your farm could be powered by the sun? Why stop there? Next the water pumps, and soon the entire operation will be able to be managed onsite with the help of a little bit of sunshine. That sounds like the ideal agricultural future.

Farming suppliers and their agricultural products can change farming in South Africa by switching to solar power. Contact ACDC Express for everything electrical your farm needs.

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