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AgrifoodSA_Smart Asset Management System Solutions for the Agricultural Industry

Smart Asset Management System Solutions for the Agricultural Industry


A smart agricultural asset management system can help any organisation improve and streamline their operations and asset control procedures through organised digital efficiency. Find out the benefits of using asset management system software in agribusiness and logistic enterprises.

What is an Asset Management System?

An agricultural asset management system refers to the process in which a agricultural business or organisation tracks their equipment in order to have a comprehensive library through which they can control and monitor their assets. Asset management system software can include a variety of value-added features that may include inter-departmental management capabilities, such as:

  • Human Resources – leave, incidents, and disciplinary management.
  • Operations – alerts and notifications, fines management, and real-time tracking.
  • Financial Management – supplier and cost management, budget and target reviews, and asset lifecycle management.

The Benefits of Using Asset Management System Software

Digitised agricultural asset management solutions offer organisations a host of benefits, from increased security to improved monitoring capability. With a modern asset management system, benefits may include:

  • Total control and visibility
  • Data management and valuation
  • Total fleet and asset management, and more.

Asset Management System Example

In real life, an agricultural asset management system example can be described as a software solution that was integrated into the systems of a small-to-medium dairy farm. This dairy farm now has a computerised platform to log their equipment and machinery information which allows them to monitor maintenance and service plans, fuel management and incident management. They can also use this system to log their employee and financial details, and set it up to send them checklist notifications to improve operation efficiency.

For more information on a agricultural asset management system products and training services, browse through your favourite agricultural directory for all the smart, modern solutions that can amplify your business.

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