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Ultimate Guide To Irrigation Systems In South Africa

Ultimate Guide To Irrigation Systems In South Africa

The climate in South Africa varies from subtropical to desert, and having a good irrigation system can make all the difference between a successful harvest and an unsuccessful one. In this ultimate guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about irrigation systems in South Africa.


What Are The Different Types Of Irrigation Systems?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to irrigation systems. Depending on the size and shape of your land, there are different options available that can suit your needs. Here are the different irrigation systems you can choose from:

Sprinkler Irrigation Systems:

These systems are perfect for large-scale farming operations as they offer a degree of automation and precision that other irrigation systems cannot match. Sprinkler systems are designed to introduce water to the soil through a network of pipes and sprinklers, evenly distributing water to the area that needs it most.

Sprinkler irrigation systems have different designs as well. Here are the three most popular types of sprinkler systems:

  • Centre Pivot Irrigation Systems:

Centre pivot irrigation systems are the most popular type of sprinkler system. These systems distribute water by moving in a circular motion.

  • Travelling Gun Irrigation Systems:

A travelling gun irrigation system is where a large gun is mounted on a movable wheel cart or vehicle. It is best used for watering large areas of crops and on uneven terrain.

Micro Irrigation Systems

Micro irrigation systems are low-pressure systems that use minimal water to irrigate. These types of irrigation systems are perfect for residential lawns, small vegetable gardens, and vines and orchards. The main types of micro irrigation systems are:

  • Drip Irrigation Systems:

Drip irrigation systems deliver water directly to the roots of plants, making them more efficient than other types of irrigation systems. Because of their low water use, drip irrigation systems are perfect for areas where there is a shortage of water or where conservation is important.

  • Soaker Hoses:

Soaker hoses are similar to drip irrigation systems but use a porous hose that slowly releases water along its entire length. This makes soaker hoses ideal for watering trees and shrubs.


Factors To Consider When Choosing An Irrigation System

Before purchasing one of the irrigation systems mentioned above, you must consider some factors. Here are the four most important factors:

Soil Type:

Different soils have different capabilities when it comes to absorbing water. Before you purchase an irrigation system, test your soil and determine what type of irrigation would be best for your particular soil. Sandy soil, for example, is more porous and can better absorb water from a drip or soaker hose system.


Your area's climate will also affect the type of irrigation system you choose. In a climate with high humidity, you will need a different type of irrigation system than in an area with low humidity. This is where smart irrigation technology can play a crucial role. As the name implies, smart irrigation systems use sensors to read temperature, humidity and soil moisture levels and adjust the water accordingly.

Crop Type:

The type of crop you are irrigating will also impact what type of irrigation system you should buy. A crop with deep roots works well with drip irrigation systems and soaker hoses, while crops with shallow roots work better with sprinkler systems.

Water Source:

Your water source can also limit your irrigation options. If you’re using a municipal water supply, you may be limited to certain types of irrigation systems due to regulations in your area. So be sure to check the South African irrigation regulation here.

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