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The Best Surface Disinfectant That’s Environmentally Friendly

The Best Environmentally Friendly Surface Disinfectant

COVID-19 made the world stop and realise how important sanitation truly is. Yes, sanitation has always been an important factor in industries such as medical and food production; however, never before has one been able to find a sanitation station in every mall, shop, office, and home. We realised on a global scale how quickly bacteria and disease can spread. The only problem is that traditional disinfectants can be dangerous and even damage the environment, which is already struggling due to high levels of pollution.

In this article, we will discuss hypochlorous acid and explain why it is an effective and preferred surface disinfectant.


What is Hypochlorous Acid?

Hypochlorous acid, also referred to as HOCI, is an acid that is naturally produced by the white blood cells in our bodies. This weak acid’s purpose is to fight infections within the body. Hypochlorous acid can be reproduced externally by making use of a process known as electrolysis, whereby an electrical current is passed through salt water.  HOCI is now used as a powerful and effective disinfectant. It is typically utilised to disinfect surfaces, food, public areas, hospitals, and even water.


The Benefits of Hypochlorous Acid Disinfectant

When searching for a disinfectant, there are many benefits that hypochlorous acid offers the user. These benefits when known and understood make this disinfectant superior to all others. Some of the most notable benefits of HOCI include:

  • Safe: Traditional disinfectants all contain harsh chemicals such as chlorine, formaldehyde, hydrogen peroxide, and more. These chemicals can be harmful to humans, animals, and even the environment. As HOCI is completely natural, it is safe and non-toxic. This means that we can even consume this disinfectant and it is, therefore, safe to use in all situations without experiencing negative side effects.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Other forms of disinfectant can actually negatively affect the environment. Marine plant life and animals are negatively affected as the chlorine within the disinfectant can damage their cell walls and even oxidate their proteins. Hypochlorous acid does not have any of the negative effects, ensuring that you remain environmentally conscious while still protecting against diseases, bacteria, and other harmful particles. 
  • Effective: HOCI is just as effective as a traditional disinfectant. It is able to kill harmful bacteria, fungi, viruses and other microorganisms within minutes. This makes it extremely useful in environments that require sterilisation and cleanliness.
  • Versatile: As HOCI is safe to consume while being extremely effective, it can be used in a number of industries, locations, and situations. Some of its uses include household cleaning, food production and preparation, animal care, healthcare facilities, public spaces such as malls, and more. This is partly why this disinfectant gained so much popularity during COVID-19.
  • Cost-Effective: Many natural and environmentally friendly alternatives are often more expensive than their traditional counterpart; however, this is not the case with hypochlorous acid. It is an extremely affordable option and one does not have to buy multiple products that each have a different use, this is the ultimate sanitation solution.


How to Disinfect Surfaces with Hypochlorous Acid

Hypochlorous acid is very easy to use and can be found in multiple formats. While traditional disinfectants are complicated and take long to prepare, all you need to do with hypochlorous acid is dissolve an effervescent tablet in water. Once dissolved you will spray the solution on the surface you want to clean and allow it to sit for a few minutes before wiping it off.


Where to Find Hypochlorous Acid for Sale

You can easily purchase hypochlorous acid for residential and industrial use from E.L.F Consultancy. Their motto is to “Go Green” by making use of nature's most effective sanitiser. They sell HOCI in various sizes, depending on how much you will need and use.


Visit the AgrifoodSA directory to find out more about E.L.F Consultancy and how they can supply you with a natural, environmentally friendly, and effective sanitation solution.

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The Best Surface Disinfectant That’s Environmentally Friendly