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E.L.F Consultancy is a proudly South African ‘Go Green’ company which endorses Atom Plus / Hyptab (Hypochlorous acid – HCOI).

HCOI, produced naturally in the human body to combat infection and aid healing, this is a potent oxidizer.

Hypochlorous acid is proven to be more effective at killing coronavirus than other disinfectants. Hypotab is an antifungal, virus and bacteria disinfectant. 


Atom Plus / HypoTab – Natures most effective Santizer


  • The Atom Plus effervescent tablet is nature’s most effective and safest disinfectant and when dissolved in water it creates a solution of Hypochlorous Acid(HOCL) at a stable Ph of 6.2 -6.8 which remains stable for up to 21 days.
  • HOCL is the most effective disinfectant of the free chlorine species , which is safe for humans, disinfecting public areas, food preparation areas and more recently, for a number of agricultural applications that treat plants and livestock against bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Most importantly, HOCL, unlike other chlorine species, has little or no impact on the environment and has very little impact on soils because of its near neutral PH
  • HOCL is listed on the N list of environmentally approved products of the EPA in the USA


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