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The Health Benefits of Teff Grains

With new sources of healthy foods on the rise every year, we have to look at an older – or rather ancient grain – for a wholesome combination of health benefits. Apart from being vitamin, mineral and nutrient-rich, there is a range of health benefits of Teff that are worth noting.

The great thing about Teff is that it has no known allergenic, making it an easy choice for anyone to enjoy. Apart from this, and its great nutty flavour, AGT Foods has compiled a list of health benefits of Teff grains to help you better understand this ancient seed from Ethiopia.


Teff Promotes Growth

Teff is high in protein (11.7g/100g) with a great combination of eight amino acids needed for your body to grow and repair tissue. It contains high levels of phosphorous, copper, aluminium, manganese, calcium, thiamine, barium and vitamin C. It is important for us to consume vegetable proteins as they are more easily broken down by our bodies than animal proteins.


Teff is Gluten-Free

Teff is a naturally grown gluten-free grain and can be great as an alternative for people that live with celiac disease or who want to live a gluten-free life.  Furthermore, it is also low in calories (348/100g).


It Helps Your Body Produce Energy

Teff is a great source of energy, the high copper mineral content increases energy production in your body, and the high levels of manganese (892% DV in one cup full) also improve your energy metabolism.


It Boosts Your Immune System

Something that sets Teff apart from other seeds and grains is that it contains high levels of Vitamin C, which plays a critical role in your immune system. It stimulates the production of white blood cells and promotes collagen production, which has its own list of health benefits.


It Is A Good Source Of Nutrients, Minerals, And Proteins

Containing 69% of our daily magnesium requirements, Teff is great for your muscular system, nervous system, and cardiovascular system. Magnesium helps us fight migraines, diabetes, and even heart problems.


It is good for your Digestive system

The ancient grain has been used for thousands of years in Africa to speed up digestive processes. This, coupled with the high fiber content (15.4g/100g) makes it ideal for promoting digestive health Teff includes resistant starch, which is a recently discovered class of fiber that helps manage blood sugar, weight and colon health. Dietary fiber also helps to relieve bloating, cramping, constipation and more!


If you would like to find out more about the Teff super grains, visit the AGT Foods Teff page.


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