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Making the Most of Tractor Rims and Tyres

How To Maintain Tractor Rims and Tyres

Tractor tyre pressure

 Use the right air pressure depending on your terrain. The more inflated the better the traction. The less inflated (but not too little), the better you’ll be able to cover larger distance with uneven terrain like grass or soil.

Ensure that wheel alignment is correct

If one tyre is out of line, it will cause wearing on the tread. This will shorten the lifespan of your tyres, and they’ll have to be replaced more often.

Slow down

Farm tyres aren’t made for going at high speeds. If they go faster than recommended, the tyres can heat up, which could eventually cause the rubber to split and tear.  

Check your axle alignment

 Driving over uneven terrain means that it’s possible for parts of the tractor to shift out of place. It’s important to get the axle alignment checked regularly, or to learn how to straighten and tighten parts on your own, in order to maintain your rims and tyres

Cleaning rust

Time and moisture take their toll on just about anything. Keep your tractor parts well-oiled and free of rust.

When it comes to agricultural wheels and tyres, damage can be avoided if they are used for the right purposes, and serviced and maintained regularly. For new tractor rims and tyres, contact JHB Wheels. For more quality farming equipment, visit our directory

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