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Online Agricultural Courses in South Africa

Online Agricultural Courses in South Africa

Becoming an agricultural expert, previously required learners to attend an agricultural school, college, or university. However, the emergence of technology and online learning has changed this landscape completely. One can now attend online agricultural courses in South Africa. This provides a variety of benefits and makes agricultural education more accessible to individuals who dream of working in this industry.


The Importance of Studying Agriculture

Agriculture is one of the most important industries globally. It ensures food security for the world’s growing population and can be environmentally beneficial when done correctly. Studying agriculture is extremely important as it teaches individuals the intricacies involved in this craft. There are many important aspects that are covered in agricultural courses including soil science, planting and harvesting practices, plant genetics, animal production, and more. One can even specialise in certain areas such as agribusiness or agronomics. Ultimately, this knowledge will ensure that farmers do not deplete the soil but rather know how to work effectively with the natural systems on earth. This will allow farmers to increase crop yields, and take the correct measures to safeguard against natural disasters such as drought, flooding, fire, and more.


The Benefits of Online Agricultural Courses in South Africa

As previously mentioned, it was a lot harder to study agriculture in the past, as one had to physically attend a school, collage, or university. Today, however, it is possible for students to attend and complete agricultural courses online. There are multiple benefits that online agricultural courses can offer students, including:

  • Convenience: Online learning allows students to access their courses and study from anywhere, as long as they have a stable internet connection. It also allows students to move at their own pace. Not only does this allow students to move at their own pace, but it also allows them to balance their studies with other commitments such as working and sustaining a family.
  • Accessibility: Online learning makes studying agriculture a lot more accessible to a wider variety of individuals. Those who live in rural areas or who would not be able to access traditional educational institutions are also afforded the opportunity to learn. Therefore, there is a chance for there to be more agricultural experts in the future, which is sorely needed due to the world’s growing population and increased need for food.
  • Perspectives and Expertise: Traditional educational institutions would only have a hand full of courses and instructors, meaning that one would have to attend multiple schools, colleges, and universities to increase one’s knowledge on multiple agricultural areas of study. Online agricultural educational facilities provide learners with access to multiple courses, experts, and opinions. This ensures that they receive a more well-rounded education.
  • Technological Skills: As we are in the 21st century, technology has started and will continue to play a role in many industries, including agriculture. Online learning will ensure that all students become proficient in technological understanding and will make it easier for them to utilise current and future agricultural technology.
  • Networking: As students will be interacting with a wider variety of experts and students, there is a greater chance for networking. From group projects to discussion forums, students are able to connect with instructors and develop meaningful connections with other students that might one day be their peers.
  • Cost: Online learning is considerably more cost-effective than traditional agricultural education. Not only are the courses more affordable, but students don't have to travel to an institution daily, or move closer to their place of study.
  • Practical Opportunities: Agriculture is a practical subject which is why opportunities for practical experience are important. This problem that could be experienced with online learning has been overcome with the organisation of practical destinations. Students are able to travel to practical destinations at designated intervals in order to put their theoretical knowledge to practical use.


Where Can I Study Agriculture Online in South Africa?

AGRICOLLEGES International is an online teaching and training portal for agri-science. There are a wide variety of courses to choose from that will allow you to learn the basics, as well as specialise in specific areas of agricultural study. They are also AgriSETA Accredited, and they have an internationally based Learning Management System (LMS).


Visit the AGRICOLLEGES website to find out more about their online agriculture courses in South Africa and how they can help you realise your dream of becoming an agricultural specialist.


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