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GSI Africa Products are Revolutionising Grain Storage and Handling

GSI Africa offers a range of storage solutions including commercial and farming systems. The storage capacity ranges from 2.5 tonnes to a staggering 29 000 tonnes. This agricultural giant has earned a reputation for offering durable and cost-effective products, especially its grain storage solutions. The company offers customised solutions to accommodate the unique needs of all its customers.

GSI Africa is also a silo provider, with a locally based warehouse, and is able to offer not only cost-effective but also time-efficient solutions for both commercial and farming clients. For the past sixteen years, the company has been involved in the installation of grain-storing facilities in eleven African markets – where effective operating parameters are non-negotiable and absolutely essential.

Material Handling

Reliable handling solutions are imperative to effective operation powered by innovative automation technology. GSI offers techniques to increase the productivity and subsequently the profitability of the South African grain industry. From receiving to unloading, preprocessing to post-processing; GSI offers a vast range of handling solutions. These include bucket elevators, en-masse conveyors, enclosed belt conveyors, hi-flight conveyors, x-series sweeps, chain loop systems and augers.

The GSI Group is the largest global manufacturer of grain storage systems and one of the largest global providers of protein production equipment for poultry and swine farmers. With global revenue exceeding US$1 billion annually, the group has a strong brand presence in over 100 countries.

GSI’s equipment is designed with exceptional ingenuity to serve systems and to aid production efforts with decades of reliability. Easy to assemble and quick to maintain, their handling systems are designed to be robust for high-duty cycling that keeps processes on course.

Why GSI?

A specialised product needs the backing of skilled and experienced sales and after-sales teams. Years of knowledge allow GSI to respond rapidly to client demands and tend to queries as quickly as possible.

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