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AgriDome: Shelter Livestock From The Elements

Need a big covered area where animals or machinery can move freely without being hampered by pillars or posts? Introducing the AgriDome - a PVC covered Dome Shelter that provides unencumbered undercover space to protect your assets against weather conditions.

Aquasteel (Pty) Ltd t/a Aquadam was established in 1992 and has a long and established history in water storage solutions. The company was built on the core value of integrity – Product, Process and People.

Aquadam has installed more than 9,000 tanks worldwide from our range of tremendous products, being the SmartTank Extreme, HomeTank, FireTank, RhinoTank and now - the Agridome.

The AgriDome is used with great success in the agricultural sector to shelter livestock from the elements. Expensive farming machinery and equipment can also be kept under cover and out of the elements. The AgriDome gives you the finest materials available with a solid design. Every detail you desire is carefully crafted and every option you select is seamlessly added, all to exceptional standards to create a customized, pre-engineered structure that is uniquely yours.


The AgriDome has multiple width options:

The smallest size have a width (or span) of 6m, increasing up to 30m span. (The height of the dome will also increase with the width.) The standard length options are 6m and 12m sections, but longer structures can be formed by joining multiple sections together in tandem. More than one structure can also be placed adjacent to each other (in parallel) by sharing the same mounting point. Customization to each individual client’s specific need is therefore a strong point.


The AgriDome is a taught structure, pleasing on the eye and does not look like a circus tent flapping in the wind. It can be mounted on gum poles, concrete walls or on shipping containers to create a space where workers and equipment can be kept safe from the elements.

The frame is hot dip galvanised, rolled 3.2mm gauge structural steel (Q235) – giving the ability to span up to 30m in width, without the need for heavy box tubing.


We are "The Heavy Weights" in the industry which is why we only use industry leading, fire retardant, translucent Rip Stop PVC that is UV stabilized, meaning it will last longer under our harsh sunlight conditions. It can handle gusts of wind including storms and hail. When comparing PVC to Poly Ethylene (PE) one finds that PVC covers have more than twice the tensile strength of PE covers, and it stretches far less, so there is no sagging that can cause water pooling. It lasts longer than PE when continually exposed to harsh weather conditions and is definitely the best cover in the industry!


You can ask for custom sizes and configurations to adapt die AgriDome to your unique requirements. The possibilities are endless and suitable to most needs. Let your imagination run wild!

Rand for rand you will not get a more cost effective cover for big spaces not hampered by pillars or posts. It just makes economic sense!



  • No columns or poles to interfere with your interior plans or movements
  • Maintains its shape: Remember – it does not shrink, swell, split, warp, rust or rot away; steel frames resist corrosion
  • Not treated with chemicals like arsenic / acid / pesticides,
  • Strong Rip stop PVC Covers; withstand high winds and natural weather events
  • Controlled climate; keeps an even ambient temperature inside despite cold or heat conditions.
  • Self-cleaning with rain; never needs paint – Dust, dirt, & pollutants wash off with water;
  • Low cost per square meter; initial investment is low (lower than steel structures)
  • Very fast to build; construction costs less than steel roofs.
  • Permanent or Temporary: Structures may be moved, disassembled or sold if no longer needed
  • Materials are manufactured to SABS standards
  • Full & comprehensive, 10 Year warranty providing free replacement of any faulty part/s for 10 years from the date of purchase – Industry best

BOSSBest of Storage Solutions – Means just that: Agridome has been rated as one of the best storage solutions available!


We’ve got the BEST BENEFITS:

  • Wide open space accommodates very large items.
  • Maintains shape – therefore lasts longer.
  • Fewer pests; corner-free design, no hiding places for rodents to nest or feed on.
  • Controlled climate; stay warmer in winter, cooler in summer = energy saved
  • Acoustics inside are exceptional; no sounds of pelting rain or loud rattle of hail sheets, keeping animals calm.
  • Abundant interior sunlight means no artificial lighting. Natural light eliminates moisture and bacteria
  • Good airflow- smells fresh;
  • Low cost /m² - initial investment is lower than steel roofs, Also very fast to build;
  • No Building permit required as the structure can be broken down and re-erected elsewhere, i.e.  It can be moved, disassembled or sold if no longer needed
  • Shelters are Manufactured to SABS standards and has a 10yr warrantee = PEACE OF MIND.


We truly believe there are no other products available that meet AgriDome level of value, quality, serviceability and longevity. Contact Aquadam on 086 100 10 10 to talk to a dealer in your area about the AgriDome - We got you covered!

“Walls without a roof is a muration. A roof always provides shelter, with or without walls”


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