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Fertasa Congress May 2021 Communication

Fertasa Congress May 2021 Communication

All products that are sold into the Agricultural Industry have to be registered under Act No. 36 of 1947. The process of registration is heavily influenced by the complexity and proven efficacy of the product. Certain products such as the “traditional” fertilizers have simple chemical compositions that are easily determined and have established scientifically proven efficacy that simplifies the registration process.

These constitute the group 1 and 2 fertilizers. Group 3 fertilizers also have some products that are relatively simple and easy to prove efficacy and generally recognized in improving nutrient use efficiency.

The Biofertilizers, however, have more complex compositions and even constitute in some cases live micro-organisms. These products are potentially extremely valuable in enhancing nutrient use efficiency but require very specialized methods for analysis and proving efficacy.


The registration process through DALRRD for these products has been impacted on heavily by Covid19 protocols and backlogs have built up rapidly since the lockdown began.

This is encountered in all industries supplying products to the Agricultural Industry.

The Fertasa Congress for 2021 focusses on how Public Private Partnerships can be developed to alleviate this and other opportunities.

De Wet Boshoff, Chairperson of SAIF and CEO of AFMA, Dr John Purchase, CEO of AgBiz, Christo van der Rheede from Agri SA and Jonathan Mudzunga, Registrar of Act No 36 of 1947, will give their opinions on how this can be attained.


By Dr Pieter Haumann, CEO, Fertasa


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Fertasa Congress May 2021 Communication