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The Pivotal Role Played by Agricultural Lime in South Africa

Agricultural lime is a soil additive derived from limestone or chalk that places active calcium carbonate in agricultural planting grounds for a whole host of benefits. Companies like Kalkor, that have been distributing agricultural lime in South Africa since 1988, are experts in their field of how to get your crops yielding and thriving.

How Agricultural Lime Influences South African Agriculture

Agricultural lime has the power to deliver multiple benefits to those practicing within the agricultural sector across South Africa. Some of the many benefits agricultural lime in South Africa delivers includes increasing the pH of acidic soil which needs to be made alkaline before being hospitable enough for more successful planting, yielding and harvesting to take place.

The use of agricultural lime also provides the soil with minerals much needed by plants like calcium and magnesium and allows the plants to better absorb the nutrients critical to their health like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Once the soil is nutrient rich and at the right pH level water is also better able to penetrate the soil to reach the plants.

Plants have also been known to develop healthier roots when the soil is treated with lime because they are exposed to less aluminium, which is often toxic. Deeper roots mean that plants are more likely to survive droughts.

Agricultural lime is a staple in South Africa to ensure the benefits listed above are at the farmers’ disposal.

The Price of Lime Per Ton in South Africa

The agricultural business can be a cruel and unforgiving one as the farmer is completely reliant on the yield of his crop to pay any outstanding costs to break even before he can make profits. That’s why it is easier to find out the price of lime per ton in South Africa so that you can make provisions to store more if you don’t need as much.

The price of lime per ton will differ slightly from provider to provider. Take a look at Kalkor’s comprehensive price list for more information on exactly what you will need and how much it will cost. For this and all of your other agricultural product needs, please visit our directory.

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