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Sakpro: Who are we?

Sakpro: Who They Are

Sakpro is Southern Africa’s leading manufacturer and supplier of synthetic knitted HDPE bags with a wide range of uses in the agricultural and civil engineering industries.

These premium bags have been manufactured by Sakpro and used in the South African domestic market since 1964. The quality of all the bags produced by Sakpro is of the highest standard worldwide, and the bags are designed to meet customer demands and satisfaction.

At Sakpro we strive to give our customers a variety of choice when it comes to the colour and size of bags available to the fresh produce industry. Our manufacturing structure allows clients to add their own personalised branding to the bags. Sizes and colours can also be customised according to client specifications.

We are constantly driven to deliver high quality products and finding new ways to serve you better as a trusted brand name in the packaging industry.

It is with our clients and the consumers in mind that we aspire to be the best, reaching new heights so that we can serve you better!


Recycling tips from our Team

What can you do with your used Sakpro bags?

  • Wad them up in a ball, secure with an elastic, and use them as scrubbies to clean nonstick pans and other dishes.
  • Carry sand toys to the beach inside of them.
  • Put leftover mushrooms in them and hang in a warm place to dry. Dried mushrooms are very useful.
  • Make them into bath loofahs.
  • Run them through your embossing machine to add texture to your cards.
  • You can crochet with them! Make crochet table settings and doilies from the mesh.
  • Hang a bar of soap in one near the outdoor faucet to wash away garden and lawn dirt. You won't have to take it out of the bag to use, just scrub with the bag and all.


At Sakpro we are dedicated to ensure food safety along the entire food chain from production to consumption. To find out more about our product range contact  |  +27 (0)13 751 2376  |


Delivering on promises since 1964.


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