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Comfort To Protection: There’s A Wayne Gumboot For You

Wayne Safety has been Africa’s gumboot specialist for over 80 years. Since 1940, no other manufacturer has supplied more industrial and safety gumboots into the African market.

Wayne Safety started manufacturing gumboots an incredible 80 years ago, with Wayne Rubber producing rubber gumboots in KZN. This began a long tradition of manufacturing superior quality gumboots and serving workers right at the heart of industry. Today, Wayne is one of the foremost PVC and PU gumboot manufacturers in Africa.

Since 1940, we have focused on what we do best – gumboots, and gumboots alone – allowing us to emerge as specialists in our field and pioneers in both innovation and quality.

Our range of superior quality gumboots have been specifically designed to withstand the various hazards faced by those working in a wide range of industries, from mining and agriculture to food processing and hygiene, delivering the best in protection, comfort and durability. With lightweight comfort, maximum slip resistance and soil release, resistance to oils, fats and chemicals and more, you can trust that your boots will give you unrivalled protection in every condition you face.

Our Egoli boots have been trusted by those working in various industries for decades. The new and improved Egoli 2 features PVC uppers for optimum flexibility and abrasion resistance, nitrile PVC soles for durability and protection, and a cleated sole design for SRA level slip resistance.

We were first to introduce a fully-integrated metatarsal PVC gumboot with EN20345 accreditation, offering superior protection for those working in heavy duty conditions.

Over the years, we have worked on reducing our carbon footprint in line with our objective of sustainability, and today we produce 35% of all our gumboots from recycled materials. Our Duralight 1 is well-recognised in various sectors and incorporates a mix of virgin and recycled PVC that results in a superior, yet cost-effective, recycled gumboot upon which our customers can trust and rely.

The Wayne range of PU gumboots offers a variety of enhanced features and benefits, with a longer lifespan, a lightweight, comfortable feel, and maximum resistance, flexibility and strength. A unique tread-groove and depth gives our PU boots the highest possible SRC slip resistance rating. Optimum hygiene is ensured through the boot’s moisture wicking functionality, and anti-microbial and anti-fungal treatment; and a lightweight composition paired with a unique footbed results in all-day comfort.


Trust in Wayne, Africa’s gumboot specialist for 80 years and counting, and get gumboots that have been designed to give you the best in protection, durability and comfort from Wayne today.

Find out more about Wayne’s range of superior gumboots at, and follow us on Facebook to keep up with all the latest news at


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