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Weighbridge manufacturing south africa

Weighbridge Companies in South Africa

A weighbridge is an important tool that weighs goods by vehicle load and allows companies to charge customers by weight of load supplied or delivered. Inaccurate weighing scales can end up costing companies and services a lot of money. This means that weighbridges need to be operated correctly and properly maintained to ensure optimal use of resources and, subsequently, cost efficiency.


Weighbridge Manufacturers in South Africa

Weighbridge manufacturers need to ensure sustained accuracy over long periods of time. Quality manufacturers ensure that their products are designed to be reliable and durable enough to cope with the harshest of site conditions and environments. The aim is to eliminate factors which contribute to weighing errors, downtime, or unnecessary and costly repairs.


Weighbridge Software

Because of the amount of data that needs to be stored, transferred, and repurposed, weighbridge software has become an invaluable tool for record-keeping and much more! Weighbridge software can be used to automate many of the processes associated with this data collection, increasing the efficiency of the entire process. Another advantage to using weighbridge software is its ability to integrate with existing databases. This feature helps in the creation of reports used to identify potential issues as well as to support the creation of financial forecasts and other business projections.


The Advantages of Using Weighbridges

Weighbridges are typically used to identify the weight of industrial vehicles and, simultaneously, the weight of their contents. Many goods are often sold by weight and weighbridges are therefore the ideal solution for performing quick continuous vehicle measurements to record these metrics. There are some significant benefits that come with using a weighbridge, such as:

Improved Productivity

Weighbridges are designed to measure weight almost instantaneously, making it easy for drivers to drive over it reasonably quickly without having to stop for the weight to be recorded. This makes the whole process much more efficient without unnecessary delays, and more vehicles can be weighed per day! Weighbridges are ideal for use in congested sites such as freight terminals because they can keep the operation running smoothly by preventing queues and delays.

Instant Identification of Overloaded Vehicles

Overloading vehicles is not only illegal and can result in some hefty fines, but is also extremely dangerous and can result in some severe and costly repercussions. Vehicles will incur premature and unnecessary wear and tear, fuel costs will increase and the overloaded vehicles will damage the roads. Weighbridges allow operators to see whether the vehicles are overloaded and prevent it accordingly.

Comprehensive Reporting and Full Integration

The majority of weighbridges can be fully integrated with other peripheral equipment such as control barriers, traffic lights, CCTV cameras, traffic management signs, etc, in order to improve site safety and meet the demands of the most challenging applications. Data is captured and recorded automatically and it’s possible to store it for future retrieval. Data can also be interfaced with other computers, LAN or cloud-based programmes to provide fleet operators with comprehensive management data e.g. analysis by product or supplier, vehicle statistics and productivity etc.


As mentioned earlier, weighbridges will save money by precision measuring of the load, allowing for an accurate cost per load amount. Weighbridges also have a minimal installation cost, are  affordable to maintain, and typically have very low power requirements!


Weighbridge Manufacturer

There are two main types of weighbridges on offer: pit mounted and surface mounted. Depending on your circumstances and the environment in which you intend to place the weighbridge, you may favour one or the other. There are a number of weighbridge manufacturers in South Africa who offer installation as well as different types of weighbridges to suit various operations.

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