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Inyati Range: Lemaitre Safety Footwear

Inyati Range: Lemaitre Safety Footwear

For 30 years and plus, Lemaitre Safety Footwear continues to be committed to crafting reliable safety footwear that works for you, so that other workers can rely on your groundedness within your industry. We stride towards quality workmanship and work with pride to make a stronger South Africa for those who build it. With our respect and dedication to workers and their craft, we aim to reflect the workmanship and dedication of workers who wear Lemaitre footwear in their respective industries.


Investment into the various industries of South Africa requires a commitment to local procurement which is one of the pillars of Lemaitre Safety Footwear. As part of the BBF Safety Group, we realise the importance of building a stronger and stable economy through local procurement. Our local procurement makes us realise our responsibility to build a stronger South Africa through supporting local businesses and SMMEs by sourcing key components as well as outsourcing some of our production work. This ensures that we are collaborating with our suppliers, workers and communities to secure a smooth pathway to a greater South Africa and are contributing to the South African economy and communities beyond just our workers.


From one worker to another, Lemaitre has manufactured the Inyati PU/Rubber range, specifically fitted for various industries. We at Lemaitre understated the history of unsafeness within the agricultural, chemical, municipal, mining and construction industries. Specifically for the workers, we have manufactured the Inyati range with this in mind, to best fit workers in hazardous working environments. Keeping their feet protected in any situation.


The Inyati range is made for resistance, protection and comfort. Offering up to 300°C heat-resistant rubber soles for high heat situations for the wearer, keeping the worker safe and grounded for any heated situation. It provides an excellent SRC slip resistance to prevent any slip ups and a tough PU/Rubber sole for optimum durability. Ensuring safety in chemical, roadworks, agricultural and mining working environments.


The Inyati range includes the Eruption, Spartan, Titanium, Warrior, the updated Dodge and the fresh-out-the-box Urban boot. The footwear from the range feature genuine leather uppers allowing you to step out with confidence, knowing your feet will be protected in tough working conditions. The Lemaitre shoes are locally manufactured in Port Elizabeth to offer resistance against chemicals, heat, static shocks and fatigue caused by long work hours. Providing hard-working South African feet with the protection they need while wearing any durable footwear from the Inyati range. The range offers an outer sole made from hardwearing PU and an anti-penetration midsole for protection against sharp tools left lying around in fast-paced terrains. Continuing to keep workers in mind and safe in unpredictable environments.


The Inyati range initially focused on the chemical, municipality and agricultural industries, however, through understanding workers, traversed into the mining terrains with the updated Dodge and the new Urban boot. Every industry requires versatile and durable pairs of shoes that can withstand for long hours and survive the ever changing, uneven, uncertain and hard conditions of their respective industry. The two latest additions are tough enough for the hardest conditions and withstand longer hours yet comfortable enough to feel lightweight for optimum functionality.


With a particular focus on the Urban boot, the latest Lemaitre footwear provides wearers with extra protection and durability during various weather conditions while being impenetrable as projects progress on sites and risks evolve day by day. The boot is S3 rated and gives the worker added confidence for any situation. It boasts a PU/Rubber sole which offers resistance to water, oil and heat, and is also cut and abrasion resistant. The Footology Elastopan Climate Control stamp of approval means extra cushioning, lightweight comfort and breathability so your toes can breathe too. Making the boot ideal for situations where there is a high risk of electric shock. The additional padding on the collar and tongue enhances comfort and protection, making it perfect not just for the mining industry but the electrical and civil engineering industries as well.


The Inyati range offers a variety of features and benefits for all-round protection, comfort and performance for any industry that builds a stronger South Africa for all. Our hardworking workers aims to manufacture and distribute safety footwear of the highest quality for their fellow South African workforce by looking out for the safety footwears who are building a solid and secure South Africa for the future. As a proudly South African brand made for workers, by workers, we understand what is needed to carry you safely through tough industries and working environments in a safe pair of Lemaitre Safety Footwear.


We continue to work behind the scenes on several new ranges for various applications and industries. Follow Lemaitre Safety Footwear on Facebook or visit to find your nearest distributor.


Lemaitre, from one worker to another.


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