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Equipment Necessary for Chicken Housing

To provide chickens with housing that is well-ventilated, temperature controlled and optimal for growth and produce, quality poultry equipment should be used.

Recommended Poultry Equipment for Chicken Housing

To ensure that your chickens are healthy, while optimising your costs for their upkeep, quality chicken farming equipment is available to ensure the best results.

  • Temperature control: Younger chickens are happiest between temperatures of 21˚C to 37˚C (depending on the production stage) while adults need to be kept at around 21˚C. If a chicken is too hot, it’ll stop eating. Cooling systems and heating pads are therefore important to keep temperatures optimal for the chickens.
  • Poultry drinking system: ensuring that your chickens are sufficiently hydrated while saving water (and thus saving money), it’s best to install an automated drinking system.
  • Control your chicken feed with a feed chain supply; this will help with portion control and ensure that your chickens are the same size and that no one goes hungry.
  • Protection: Ensure that your chickens are safe from predators such as wild birds, owls, dogs, cats and other wildlife.

Some Basic Chicken Housing Needs:

  • It should be protected from weather conditions like harsh sun, rain and floods
  • It needs to be kept clean to avoid diseases
  • Chicken housing must have space for the chickens to move and for the farmers to walk in
  • It needs to have chicken bedding and nesting material

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