Eleksa (Pty) Ltd

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Eleksa, one of South Africa’s leading distributors of electric vehicles, prides itself in providing cost effective solutions to many transport requirements, from daily commuting to delivery and collection of products, to medical necessity, to recreation.

With zero-carbon footprint and no noise pollution, we believe we can help you make a difference to our environment – and save you money!

We are also represented nation-wide with dealers in most cities.


We at Eleksa, also have the back-up knowledge, equipment, expertise, spares and experience to service and maintain our vehicles.

We have a wide range of products, such as electric scooters, go-karts, work vehicles, electric bicycles, Impis, mobility vehicles and many more.


The CityBug

Introducing the 2 doors 4 seat CityBug Electric Vehicle to South Africa mid-2021.

Eleksa imports and distributes Electric Vehicles in South Africa for the last 6 years.

We plan to use our current and future dealerships to distribute the vehicle throughout South Africa.

The first 4 CityBug’s arrived in South Africa in July 2021. Expect to see many CityBug’s in your town or city.


Follow this link for more information on our other vehicles: https://eleksa.co.za/online/product-category/vehicles/


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