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BBF Safety Group is an integrated workplace safety solutions provider that helps customers create safe working environments. We offer a full portfolio of head-to-toe personal protective equipment (PPE) and professional occupational health and safety (OHS) services that range from auditing to consulting and training.

We are a trusted partner to hundreds of businesses across a diverse range of industries, helping to keep millions of people safe at work every day. We are a proudly South African business, employing more than 1 500 people with four ISO: 9001 accredited manufacturing facilities across the country.

Our mission is simple: To keep people safe at work by providing complete workplace safety solutions whilst delivering on industrialisation, transformation and development.

As Africa’s largest manufacturer of safety footwear, the eight brands in our stable cater to the various needs, applications and budgets of the safety footwear market. We manufacture over four million pairs of safety footwear and gumboots per annum and export our brands to more than 25 countries in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific. The eight leading safety footwear brands in our stable - Bova, Bronx, Frams, Fuel, Inyati, Lemaitre, Sisi and Wayne - allow us to offer our customers various sole construction and gumboot options.


Lemaitre safety footwear is proudly sourced and manufactured locally and made by workers, for workers, who together build a greater and stronger South Africa. Lemaitre believes in providing customers with a product that meets the highest international safety standards. This means adhering to stringent standards of quality, ranging from our carefully selected materials, to the skill set of our people.  Our ISO:9001 accredited factory is testament to our endeavours in producing and providing you with a safety footwear product of the utmost quality.


  • BOVA cemented their reputation in Africa by delivering high quality engineering through their range of safety footwear. 21 years after producing their first safety boot, BOVA extended their portfolio to include safety wear. When designing new products, Bova explores the varied dangers inherent in an industry and then engineers the product purposed with protecting employees within those environments. For procurement and those they protect, this means utilising their category ranges to ensure that the required safety needs are met. Different employees within the same industry often require very different levels of protection. Through an understanding of the varied dangers faced by an employee in their work environment and applying the correct product, clients can ensure that they do not under-spec for some employees, thereby compromising on safety or over-spec for others – and compromise on cost-effectiveness.
    All products offered under the BOVA umbrella are manufactured in ISO 9001 accredited facilities, utilising cutting-edge technology and innovations. In this way, Bova ensures that the products they release into the market perform with the purpose for which they was engineered.
  • Bronx Safety Footwear is designed for fashion conscious individuals who want quality and comfort without compromising on style. While our safety footwear may be fashion forward, it retains every aspect of functionality that our customers have come to expect from Bronx. With the Bronx safety footwear range, it’s easy to take the step from work to daily life.
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  • As one of South Africa’s original safety footwear brands, Frams manufactures consistent, economical and reliable safety footwear. Frams believes that value extends beyond price alone. Every pair of safety footwear manufactured by Frams is done so in our ISO 9001 accredited factory to meet SANS/ISO 20345 or EN 20345 standards.
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  • Fuel is renowned for its specialist precision-engineered safety footwear. The brand focuses on technically specific footwear to meet the demands of high-risk workspaces. They offer an array of products, purpose-built to handle extreme environments and niche applications. Fuel is a brand that prides itself on being as specialised as the experts that work in these environments.
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  • Locally produced, the Inyati range features injected dual density Polyurethane and rubber soles with full leather uppers, offering resistance from water, acid and oil. Inyati products are also heat resistant up to 300° Celsius and offer protection from wet and cold conditions.
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  • Proudly manufactured in South Africa and now exported to a host of Sub-Saharan countries, Lemaitre, another leading safety footwear brand, doesn’t compromise on comfort, utility or style. The brand is engineered for professionals who need to adapt to diverse working environments. Technically engineered with a stylish finish, Lemaitre is built for varying degrees of hazardous environments.
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  • Born out of a need for an all-female safety footwear range, Sisi offers a range that makes women look and feel great. Sisi stands for fashion and fit that gives women their rightful place in their industry and the confidence to take it head-on. Our range is manufactured on women-specific moulds that prevent fatigue, through specially contoured footwear. Sisi is committed to women and their safety needs, offering quality female safety footwear that makes the wearer look and feel good.
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  • Wayne is a leading brand of locally manufactured PVC and Polyurethane gumboots within the mining, agriculture and forestry, food processing and hygiene, construction and general-purpose industries. With a global reputation for superior quality that meets many international safety standards, Wayne offers more than just a good pair of gumboots. Reliable waterproof footwear in all conditions is just the start of the Wayne promise, making sure that every pair of gumboots stands for more than just quality alone.
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