Water Spot (Pty) Ltd

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At Water Spot Centurion, our mission is to provide a one-stop supply shop to all our clients through premium quality products. Above all, Water Spot’s unique offers and client satisfaction is a priority and always contained.


Firstly, here at Water Spot, our management is conservative, yet innovative. Secondly, we believe in quality products, value for money, and excellent walk-in client service. Thirdly, and most importantly, our goal is to provide a one-stop shop for not only but also homeowners, and businesses with projects.


Our stores offer products for filtration, gardening, irrigation, plumbing, swimming pools, water pumps, and water tanks, as well as a range of fittings. Our main mission is to provide a one-stop shop at the best prices in town. Furthermore, client satisfaction is our top priority and we pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service.


  • We Always Put Quality First
  • Happy Customers is Our Priority
  • Fast & Quality Work


Water Spot Centurion Suppliers of Quality Products

With excellent service and competitive pricing, we supply an exclusive, premium, comprehensive selection of brands and products. Additionally, every one of our categories are well-managed, specialist divisions.

We supply tanks, irrigation, fittings, pipes, and pump equipment for residential, agricultural, golf, and commercial applications.


Water Pumps

We have a wide range of water pump solutions and accessories. We offer most known brands and ensure top-quality pumps.


Pool & Spa

We offer a complete range of pool and spa products from residential and commercial.



From sprinklers to automatic irrigation systems. Big or small, we supply them all. Get top-rated premium products for your garden needs.


Plumber Supplies

Whether its a complex or simple plumbing project, we offer most known plumbing accessories for your project needs.


Why Choose us

The Best in Town

We are the best in Centurion! Visit our store today.

Affordable Pricing

We are rated top for the best prices in Centurion

High Quality

We supply premium quality products and services

Free Consultations

Get expert advice from our Water Spot team.


Water Pumps
Plumbers Supplies
Pool & Spa


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