Yara Animal Nutrition SA

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Yara Animal Nutrition South Africa is a reputable global feed manufacturer of high quality Phosphate products suitable for both ruminants and monogastric animals on modern, high producing farms.

Through Yara International, we have access to a variety of high quality and unique products.

Yara is committed to safe and sustainable production of mainly feed phosphates of the highest quality, whilst doing business in an ethical and responsible manner.

Being a leader in the manufacturing of phosphate products in South Africa, Yara Animal Nutrition South Africa is constantly exploring new and innovative ways to increase animal production.


All our Phosphate / mineral supplementation products are made from a high quality phosphate source and has a high trace mineral inclusion that will ensure good health, fertility and growth.

The PhosSure range also ensure that animals get the required minerals no matter rain or sunshine.

Make use of your own farm produced products together with Yara Animal Nutrition South Africa’s products and proven recipes to mix your own economical, quality supplementations or complete feeds.

Feed Grade UREA
Kimtraphos 6
Kimtraphos 12
Kynofos 18
Kynofos 21
Phospro 17
Phossure 6
Phossure 12