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With a rich history, ranging almost 50 years, Afrikelp is committed to continuously provide trusted seaweed solutions. Our liquid seaweed is extracted from the unique brown kelp, Ecklonia maxima, which can only be found on the south-west coast of South Africa. This unique extract contains essential biostimulants that increase yield, enhance the quality and improve the growth performance of your crops. Afrikelp biostimulants, rich in auxin, can be applied as a foliar spray, dip or drench and through irrigation systems to stimulate and support root and shoot growth as well as fruit development.

Afrikelp’s product versatility allows for application on a range of crops including fruits and nuts, grains and seeds and vegetables. It is specifically developed to boost agricultural performance, by harvesting the benefits offered by the ocean, for the benefit of your farm.

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48 years ago, Afrikelp positioned itself as a leader in the manufacturing of liquid seaweed biostimulants. Our liquid seaweed, extracted from the unique South African kelp, Ecklonia maxima, holds various beneficial properties that are advantageous for crop production.

This extract acts as a plant growth stimulant to enhance yield and improve the quality of crops while also shortening the period between planting and harvesting. Together with our extensive quality control process, we make sure that every batch meets exceptional standards to ensure that we continue bringing the best the ocean has to offer to your farm.


Products & Services

Our standard product line consists of three different liquid seaweed biostimulants, Afrikelp™ LG-1, Afrikelp™ Double strength (x2) and Afrikelp™ Concentrate (x10) which are differentiated by the concentration of liquid extract.

Product benefits:

Afrikelp biostimulants holds various beneficial properties and are suitable for application on a variety of crops. In this regard, we provide extensive guidance on the application methods for every specific crop to guarantee you get the most out of every harvest. Every batch of Afrikelp liquid seaweed is supported by years of research and development and undergoes a quality control process to ensure that exceptional standards are upheld. Together with our careful and precise manufacturing process, we ensure that we bring the benefits of the ocean to your farm.

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Afrikelp applied in the early vegetative growth phase will mainly increase root growth leading to bigger and healthier plants. Afrikelp applied at the later stages of fruit/berry set, increase fruit/ berry size and improve colouring. Afrikelp can be applied as a foliar spray, dip or drench and through irrigation systems. For crop specific application guidelines, visit the crops page for fruits and nutsvegetables or grains and seeds or contact your nearest distributor.

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The raw kelp material is sustainably harvested in Gansbaai at the Southern tip of Africa in compliance with the strict guidelines of the South African Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. The Cold Micronisation Process (CMP) produces the natural plant biostimulant without the use of heat, harmful chemicals, or harsh temperatures. The unique manufacturing process ensures the production of a stabilised, natural, phytobiostimulant-rich cocktail.

Research & Development:

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