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"Like your vet in the veld. Care and service, our inherent quality."

Afrivet is a truly Southern African empowered company with its focus firmly on providing stock owners with affordable, cost effective products, scientifically proven for South African conditions. Afrivet manages the businesses of ECO Animal Health (UK) and Coopers Veterinary Products (USA) in Southern Africa. It also markets and distributes products for, HIPRA (Spain), Vetoquinol (France), Vetanco (Argentina) and Makhteshim Agan (Israel), Pfizer (United States of America), Parnell (Australia), Allflex (United Kingdom), Arcanatura (France) and TRM (Ireland). By developing, registering and providing the South African stock owner with top quality products at affordable prices, Afrivet lives up to its motto of "quality with economy". 


Management & Shareholding

Afrivet Business Management, the biggest truly South African animal health company, was established in 2000 by Dr Peter Oberem. Afrivet's formation marks the results of a dedicated group of pioneers in the South African animal health industry's continued efforts to serve the industry with distinction. 

The management team boasts a rich record of experience, innovation-driven thinking and understanding of the specific needs of our clients. 

Being a truly South African company, Fish River Veterinary Supplies (FRVS) holds a 20% equity stake in Afrivet. FRVS has 200 shareholders of which more than 50% are women.


Quality Control

Quality assurance is not just quality testing, it is a dynamic, on-going process. Our strict enforcement of the highest quality of products is intended to comply with international registration standards, which in most cases are far higher than the local requirements. Afrivet uses only independent laboratories for quality assurance and control. 

Afrivet has a quality process which encompasses all aspects of the business process: 

  • Research & Development
  • The Registration Process
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Technical Support

The phenomenal success of Afrivet, founded in 2000 and already one of the top 5 suppliers of stock remedies and veterinary medicines in South Africa, can largely be attributed to its commitment to quality and service.


Technical Support

Afrivet's slogan "like your vet in the veld" is reflected perfectly in their technical support composition. Afrivet as a whole consist of 4 veterinarians and 2 consulting veterinarians. These veterinarians are specialised in ectoparasites, endoparasites, immunology and vaccines, heard health, as well as intensive animal production. The management information pamphlets and electronic program is just one of the ways in which Afrivet provide technical support. After sales service is also an important link in the quality chain. For this reason Afrivet has a veterinarian available on standby at our emergency number 0860VEEARTS (0860 833 2787). 

We stand by our products and are committed to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the product as well as our service.


Research & Development

R&D is both done internationally (mainly in Europe) and locally by Afrivet's staff or contracted experts. In both cases, the necessary trials are done in accordance with the relevant authorities guidelines. Analyses are done in GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) accredited laboratories and GCP (Good Clinical Practice) guidelines are followed. Afrivet's expertise has been recognized internationally and its R&D services are used by a number of multinational animal health companies to develop products for them.



Raw materials used in the imported products, or those used for the local production are all sourced from multinational companies, mainly Schering Plough Animal Health or ECO Animal Health. These reputable companies in turn either manufacture their own actives or source them from EU or US FDA approved factories. 

All raw materials received are accompanied by Certificates of Analysis (CoAs) supplied by the supplier. On receipt of the raw material it is quarantined and a sample taken and sent to an independent laboratory in South Africa. Only once a local, independent verification that the raw material meets the required specifications is received, is it released for manufacture. 

All products manufactured for Afrivet in Southern Africa are manufactured in a facility approved by the local authorities and by the multinational owner of the product. These facilities are required to follow either GMP or ISO standards procedures.


Warehouse Distribution

The conditions under which product is stored can affect its quality. For this reason, the Afrivet warehouse is: 

  • Registered with the Pharmacy Council
  • Licensed by the Medicines Control Council, and
  • Afrivet adheres to the SAAHA/AVCASA guidelines transport and storage of animal health products.

The speed and accuracy of our distribution is also a quality issue. For this reason our experienced warehousing company, IVAD Logistics, is able to ensure that couriers best suited to each customer area are used.le to ensure that couriers best suited to each customer area are used.

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