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With our ample knowledge of big scale enterprises in the agricultural industry, we at Agri Drainage can provide a turnkey solution to all your Agricultural Water Management needs.

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With over 1.6 million meters of Drainage installed and our history of involvement in crop farming, we have gained experience that enables us to bring successful yields to our clients.

Quality Assured Solutions

Walking the extra mile and really getting involved with each client and their needs, bring forth great quality service. We want to change your business forever. Be it in the way you farm, develop, plan or grow.

Newest Technology

We use nothing less than state-of the-art equipment and technologies to ensure that the latest trends, techniques and strategies are implemented to deliver the best possible results.

"With our many years of experience and prodigious technology and equipment, we are the most experienced agricultural drainage company in Southern Africa."


With our ample knowledge of big scale enterprises in the agricultural industry, we at Agri Drainage can provide a turnkey solution to all your Agricultural Water Management needs.

Products & Services
Water Management

What is Water Management?

At Agri Drainage we offer a turnkey solution when it comes to water management. We realise that every client’s need will be different and we would like to help with possible solutions as far as we can.

Sometimes it’s challenging to determine what exactly the key problems on your farm are, and you don’t want to make a big financial commitment if you’re not sure that we have the right solution.

That’s why we would first like to determine these key problems and how our solutions fit in.

We can also help with the planning and do all the designs in house.

So to better inform you and get an idea of the financial implications, we advise having a consultation session with us regarding the outcomes you want.

Subsurface Drainage

If there is excess water in your soil which is causing anaerobic conditions that hamper root development, or you have a build-up of excess salts in your soil, you need a subsurface drainage system that can manage the water.

What is Subsurface Drainage?

When the origin of your water management problem lies below the surface, we have an imported, custom-built, top of the range Tile Plow to counter the issue..

This seamless process where drainage pipes are installed at specific slopes, gradients and depths according to a detailed, customised plan, helps you manage water table levels, salinity and optimise the use of rainfall.

Furthermore, this process cuts costs with up to 80% in comparison with conventional methods and saves time as we can install up to 7000m/28ha per day.


A proper survey is the beginning of a successful farming operation.

What is Surveying?

There is no simplified answer to drainage, and each field needs to be properly surveyed to ensure that the drainage plan will be case-specific.

Therefore, a topographical GPS survey with an accuracy of better than 2cm is the first step in the drainage process. This includes Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity which helps determine water flow.

Furthermore, we consider factors such as plant directions and water runoff.

On a larger scale, we use Lidar Aerial Surveys to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of surveying.

Together with this, soil profiling and sampling supply the AD team with enough data to formulate the perfect, customised plan.

Surface Drainage

We determine the best strategy to optimise water flow on your land. Whether it is leveling or forming, we know how to do it with optimal efficiency.

What is Surface Drainage?

Surface Drainage involves managing the water flow and direction on your land to eliminate ponding and dry spots in your field.

Although land levelling (traditional method) is effective in certain situations, we at AD are believers and experts in the more modern method – land forming – which is a lot more cost and energy efficient.

This modern approach uses software that formulates a 4D design to achieve the same results as levelling while moving just a fraction of the earth.

Other Services

We offer a wide variety of services that include the infrastructure of your farm.

Earth Dams

The design and building of earth dams to optimise runoff water utilisation.


Supplying and installation of pipes.


Supplying center pivots.

Earth Works

Rehabilitation of land and closing of furrows, roads, airstrips etc.


Drainage is a long term investment, don’t drain your cash flow… let it pay for itself: FINANCE IT

Help is Available

An investment that works 365 days of the year.

With the necessary footwork done, we can now assist you in finance options for drainage from all major financial institutions and agricultural co-ops.

A variety of needs can be met with different options and packages for financing.

Now you can apply your cash flow to other important responsibilities and let drainage be the long-term investment it is meant to be.

With increased growth in yield of between 20% – 60% (depending on the type of crop), drainage is a working investment for 365 days of the year with a lifespan of 150 years.

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