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Agricon was established in 1993 by two brothers Andre and Johan Eksteen. Agricon remains a customer focused business.  The Agricon Team focusses on rugged machines with smart brains.

Today, Agricon exports to more than 27 Countries in Three Continents and are the Global Marker Leader in their market segment.  Agricon remains a customer focused business as Johan realized very early in the supply of pelleting machines that it is a very temperamental process to perform.

Part of Agricon’ uniqueness is the fact that the machines can be operated on various energy sources like 3 phase power, single phase power, solar power or diesel.  Healthy productive animals make farmers happy, save money and adding value to feed.


Agricon serves the Animal Feed industry mainly, but also provide solutions in the organic material marker, including various fertilizers and waste products.

We do supply Hammer Mills, Loading Augers, Mixers, Hoppers, Bucket elevators, Cooling Towers, bagging units and stitching equipment.

Agricon is Service orientated and client needs focused. Trade-ins on equipment to grow customers, Agricon incubator develop and mentor clients, Variable Speed Drive systems equal to none and drive systems that achieve pelleting results where other failed.

Agricon Pellet Machinery
Agri-Mix 500
Bomb Drop Scale Dumper
Live Bottom Bin


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