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AH Heating Contractors
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AH Heating systems play a crucial part in the total poultry climate solution. We help our clients achieve the best climate control and productivity levels for their chicken houses by manufacturing the perfect poultry heating solution for them.

AH Heating Contractors can custom install our livestock heaters at your premises to suit your exact needs and can offer excellent maintenance plans attending to any heater repairs in 24-48 hours (about 2 days). 

To raise healthy and uniform birds in a chicken house, it is essential to maintain optimal heating and ventilation at all times. “Do not be afraid to use more heat to keep chicks warm and comfortable because you will always recoup your cost with good chicken weights.”

More Information

The poultry sector is South Africa's second largest in the agricultural profile. National and international the growing demand for cheap meat, the poultry industry continues to expand at an exponential rate. It is still a growing market with lots of potential for new businesses. AH Heating Contractors price policy is to keep our product and cost ratio reasonable, lowering the risk of being priced out of the market.

Analysing average prices relative to prices in the market and orderly summary of all products and services in the market is crucial as well knowing your competitor's discount policy. If your price policy fails it can cause irreparable damage to the company. Our biggest marketing advantages is our quality, years of experience and dedication to be the best. Our purchase policy must align with our company's strategic purchasing requirements. The simple purchasing policy template is an official business document that outlines the guidelines and procedures for purchasing goods and services.

Requested items must be detailed to avoid inaccurate data. The prices must be precise; important to state the required unit [kilo's, meters etc.]. Signature of the purchasing department manager acknowledging the purchase is acceptable, or not, is crucial to prevent fraud and theft.

AH Heating Contractors policy is to only use the best products ensuring labour and product warranty in line with the manufacturers. Outside of word-of-mouth marketing and promotion will surely play a significant role in building our company through designing a detailed website and being productively active on social media platforms.

Finally personal visits and getting to know your clients' concerns and needs is vital for a healthy business. With our target group being the poultry industry, it is of cardinal importance to be always on top of your game making sure we deliver impeccable service.

Products & Services
Here's a Quick view of our Services:
  • The manufacture of a broad range of heating and drying systems;
  • Pre-assembly and testing of all units at our premises;
  • Comprehensive advice and tailor-made solutions;
  • Delivery and complete installation by an experienced in-house team;
  • Turnkey poultry heating installation;
  • On-site training; and
  • Excellent after sales service.

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70 Ludorf Street
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