Alltech Biotechnology South Africa

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About Alltech:

Founded in 1980 by Irish entrepreneur and scientist Dr. Pearse Lyons, Alltech is a cutting-edge agricultural biotechnology company. Our products improve the health and nutrition of animals and plants, resulting in more nutritious products for the consumer, as well as reducing environmental impact.


Headquartered just outside of Lexington, Kentucky, USA, Alltech has a strong presence across the world. Alltech South Africa was established in 1994, in Stellenbosch and serves as the headquarters for Africa and the Middle East, with additional offices in Gauteng and Dubai. Alltech is a private, family-owned company, which allows us to adapt quickly to our customers’ needs and stay focused on advanced innovation.


With expertise in yeast fermentation, solid state fermentation and the sciences of nutrigenomics and metabolomics, Alltech is a leading producer of yeast additives, organic trace minerals, feed ingredients, premixes and feed.


Together, with our more than 5,000 talented team members worldwide, we believe in “Working Together for a Planet of Plenty™.” We believe agriculture has the greatest potential to shape the future of our planet, but it will take all of us working together, led by science, new technologies, the adaption of better farm management practices and the shared will to make a difference.


Alltech Crop Science, a division of Alltech, has been a global leader in the application of microbial fermentation and nutrigenomics research to enhance yields, reduce stress and improve health in crops for nearly 25 years. These natural, proven solutions promote sustainability, profitability and value creation throughout the food chain.


KEENAN, a division of Alltech, is a respected leader in sustainable and profitable farming solutions, focused on maximizing feed efficiency. KEENAN provides precision diet feeding technology to optimally mix and prepare feed for maximum animal performance. Handcrafted in Ireland, KEENAN offers a comprehensive product portfolio, which extends from horizontal feed mixers, vertical auger diet feeders to self-propelled, industrial mixing and orbital spreaders for added farmer convenience.


Products and services:

Alltech management programs and products :

  • Mineral Management – SEL-PLEX®/ BIOPLEX®
  • Mycotoxin Management – MYCOSORB A+®
  • Gut Health Management – ACID-PAK-4-WAY® / ACTIGEN®/ BIO-MOS®
  • Feed Efficiency – YEA-SACC® / DE-ODODORASE®
  • Protein Management - OPTIGEN®


Alltech Nutritional programs:

BLUEPRINT – Range of organic mineral premix packs for dairy, beef and sheep.

Formulated to help the animal reach its full genetic potential throughout all phases of production.


Alltech Services:

Alltech RapiRead® – Detects and address the risk of mycotoxins with our rapid mycotoxin analysis testing.

Alltech IFM® – Alltech In Vitro Fermentation model, evaluate rations in order to maximize feed efficiency and reduce ever-rising feed costs.

InTouch® – Mixer wagon controller technology, ensuring the best in feeding accuracy on farm.


Alltech divisions


Using a gentle mixing action to produce a consistent, thoroughly mixed feed, KEENAN MechFiber diet feeders are unique for the proven nutritional benefits they deliver.

Combined with InTouch nutrition support, you can rest assured that your animals will receive the correct ration every day, delivering significant improvements in heard health and animal performance.


Alltech Crop Science®

Alltech Crop Science has natural, proven solutions for every stage of crop production.


Soil Health – Advanced microbiology for revitalized soils and healthy roots.



Plant Nutrition – Improved performance by naturally stimulating plant processes.

 Products: GRAIN-SET® / BIO-BOOST®


Crop Protection – Biological alternatives that strengthen natural plant defences.

 Products: AGRO-MOS®



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