Alpha Damme

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Alpha Damme offers top quality products, top quality service and market related competitive pricing is our goal.

We offer superior quality lining for all types of dams, construction of corrugated and mesh wire dams, flexible linings and prevent algae growth.

Alpha Damme strives to give our clients a one stop water storage and irrigation solution


  • Zinc dams
  • Water tanks
  • Potable water storage
  • Linings for concrete and zinc dams
  • Earth dam liners
  • Fire fighting water storage
  • Agricultural tanks
  • Zinc swimming pools
  • Pivot irrigation

These tanks come standard with a roof to keep the water clean.

A 50mm outlet is standard but bigger outlets are available too.

Other sizes available on request.


Alpha Damme Pivot Irrigation
Alpha Damme Swimming Pool
Alpha Damme Swimming Pool
Alpha Damme Swimming Pool
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