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Since 1991, AVANT Tecno has manufactured more than 60 000 loaders at their manufacturing plant in Ylöjärvi, Finland. The company has sales offices in Germany, UK and US, and import partners in more than 40 countries.

Innovative product development and unique design are Avants core competencies.

More than 100 different kind of attachments make Avant a very multi-functional loader

Avant loaders and attachments are being actively developed based on customer feedback. Customer orientation is important to us and will help us succeed in tough competition.

All loaders are manufactured in our modern and highly automated production plant in Ylöjärvi, Finland. Quality control is accurate along the production process and all loaders are tested carefully before delivery.

You may come across an AVANT loader anywhere in the world. We export to every continent in the World and AVANT loaders are used from Australian warmth to the Siberian frosts.



With more than 10 000 parts available for the AVANT machines here in South Africa and dealerships nationwide, we can get the part you need to your doorstep. 



Sales in South Africa started in 2006 which means the infrastructure for after sales service and support for the incredible AVANTSA machine is available nation wide. Contact us today to book a service for your AVANT machine.



We pride ourselves in the highest levels of after sales support possible offered to our family of valued customers. Very importantly, we have hundreds of great South African customer references which we can offer our prospective new customers


AVANTSA offers you a quality solution to your mini digger and compact loader requirements for a multitude of industries ranging from Agricultural, Farming, Landscaping, Mining, Property Maintenance and Private Usage. Click here to see our AVANT machines in daily use.


Products & Services


Avant loaders can take care of all the physically challenging jobs on the farm that are usually done manually. You can get jobs done easier and faster than before.

Avant has the best tipping load and lifting power in its size category, which makes the machine a versatile tool for all work at farms. A variety of attachments including tree shakers and silage handlers contribute to this versatility on the farm.

Avant loaders are powerful enough to lift heavy loads of over 1000 kilos, and is compact enough to fit into tight spaces indoors and outdoors thanks to a telescopic boom. Handling industrial sacks, round bales, truck pallets, harvest bins and other heavy goods is easy, safe and quick with Avant.

These features combined with the low usage and maintenance costs make Avant the most versatile and important machine on your farm.

Poultry Farming


Avant loaders can take care of all the physically challenging jobs on the farm that used to have to be done manually. You can also get lighter jobs done easier and faster than before.

The vast attachment range and high loading capacity makes the AVANT concept a versatile solution for chicken farmers. We offer an extensive attachment range for multiple tasks with massive savings on manual labour.

The speed of using the AVANT units is unbeatable. Faster than tractors or skidsteers & much lower maintenance and fuel consumption.

These features combined with the low usage- and maintenance costs makes Avant the most versatile and important machine on your farm.



Avant is a powerful landscaper tool that will impress both the operator and your customers. We have created an amazingly versatile loader that will take care of both landscaping and maintenance of your garden and green areas.

Our comprehensive and extensive selection of loader attachments will cover all your landscaping & maintenance needs.


Articulated steering and light frame allow Avant loaders to be driven gently on delicate surfaces such as grass, building foundations and paving. There's also plenty of power for all the heavy-duty jobs required, such as handling fertilizer sacks and stone pallets.

Hydrostatic transmission and the joystick-operated telescopic boom add control precision and help you to create an exceptional finish with easy operating controls.


In landscaping work-environments and sites can vary hugely from one project to another. When you need to move from one site to another in quick pace, easy equipment transportation becomes a distinct advantage.

Our compact loaders can work in diverse environments and can be transported with a regular trailer (trailer brakes required)

No two days are the same when you're working with Avant; it can perform a multitude of jobs and serve a wide range of customers thanks to a wide array of attachments.



Two of Avant's biggest series, the Avant 600 and 700 series are best suited for construction. Thanks to their versatility, agility and power, Avant loaders can take care of various jobs in different stages of the construction process in new building projects, renovations or demolition.

On the construction site Avant loaders serve as forklifts, loaders, diggers and more.

The compact and light loader is made for working also inside buildings. Due to its small size, it can be lifted to higher floors, and the hydraulics output allows you to make use of our wide range of attachments on the same basic loader.

Hydrostatic power transmission, telescopic boom and joystick control give you full precision control for the best possible results.

On construction sites, safety is the foremost concern. Our designers take safety very seriously, and that’s why our loaders feature secure railings on the safety roof, various cab options, brilliant visibility from the cab, a sideways-fixed articulated joint and low center of gravity.

Avant loaders' low usage, maintenance and transportation costs are considerable advantages especially in laborious and intensive construction projects.


AVANT loaders were introduced to the mining sector in 2007 and was an instant success with underground operations at Gold Fields, Sibanye Gold, Petra diamonds and Anglo platinum mines.

AVANT loaders are supported by service centres in Boksburg, Glenharvie, Krugerdorp and Kathu. With the ability to rebuild loaders to factory OEM specification on the doorstep of our mining customers

Machines are utilized for different tasks because of its versatility but mainly for crosscut cleaning and loading hoppers with gold rich sediment.

The production figures of mine-shafts have been raised significantly with the implementation of AVANT loaders. The compact and powerful machines proved to be very durable and with excellent factory support we now have grown sales in this sector with more than 100 machines sold in the industry.

Local Municipalities


Avant loaders are already used in many public engineering departments in both South Africa and abroad.

The diverse uses of Avant include maintenance, property management and tending parks, gardens and beaches during the summer season.

Local municipalities use Avant loaders most commonly for property management and landscaping tasks. Cemeteries often require a small and agile machine that can be easily maneuvered on the narrow aisles.


  • Versatile – More than 190 attachments to choose from
  • Efficient – Efficient, agile and fast machine will take care of any job
  • Easy controls – Learn to control Avant in minutes
  • Safe – Safety cabs, sturdy structure and excellent
  • Maintenance - Access to national spare parts network
Property Maintenance


Avant makes property maintenance easy all year round. The agile and powerful loader will give you easy working access to tight nooks, small yards and narrow pathways. Its light frame and articulated steering make it gentle delicate surfaces, and it won't slip up - even in wet weather.

Choose the right tools from our versatile selection of attachments purposely designed for property management, and your Avant loader will deliver results you can be proud of.

In the winter, plowing and sanding; in the spring sweeping and washing; lawn care in the summer and collecting leaves in the autumn.

Avant offers an efficient and multi-functional system for all your property management needs around the year.

Avant licensed service agents and spare parts dealers together with Avant's own sales department will make sure that you Avant loader will be in flawless working condition every day of the year also for those demanding property management tasks.

Home & Garden


Avant offers countless possibilities also for your home and leisure projects in building and construction, landscaping, grounds keeping, forestry work etc.

Our Avant loaders and attachments are designed for tough work. With over 190 attachments, Avant will offer a solution to almost any problem such as hedge trimming, evening ground, carrying heavy loads and more.

Our engineers have paid extra attention to safety and ease of use. Anyone can learn the controls in minutes, and driving the vehicle does not require strength or special training or licensing.

Avant is a smart choice for also for small building projects: it can take care of finishing, landscaping and maintaining the green areas. With the telescopic boom you can lift and transport a wide range of materials, pallets, rubbish, stones, wood trunks etc.

The reliable basic loader combined with our wide range of attachment tools will guarantee many happy moments with your home garden or holiday home.

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