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Backsaver Farming Equipment started in 2010 when I Michris Jansen Van Rensburg, an innovative farmer from Bultfontein in the Free State, entered the “Nampo Boerepatente” Competition.

This year, he won his first of many competitions.

The following years he developed and entered once again with his Fertiliser Apllicator and then is Pumpkin planter and also won the patent competition.

Since the beginning, Michris wanted to be the one-stop-shop for all small scale farmers. Not only this, but he is driven to ensure his products not only work, but that they are durable as well. Thus far, he has not disappointed.

More Information
  • Hand Maize Planters
  • Fretilizers Aplicators
  • Wire Tightener
  • Pumpkin Planter
  • Combi Planter
  • Animal Drawn Planter
  • Single Shot Fertiliser Applicator

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