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The Leading Producer Of Phosphide Products, Stored Product Protection and Pest Control


For many decades it has been the chosen task of Detia Degesch to protect people and the world from hunger and pests. 

Today Detia Degesch is internationally the leading producer of hydrogen phosphide products and increase more and more its position in rodenticides and household insecticides.

The Detia Degesch GmbH is specialises in the development, production and sale of pesticides for the protection of stored products as well as a range of household insecticides and offers a large range of intelligent solutions in these areas.

With the world population permanently increasing the safe storage of provisions remains of topical interest.

The Detia Degesch GmbH has its origin in a family enterprise which looks back on a tradition of over 175 years. World-wide Degesch manufactures in five factories (Chile, Mexico, South Africa, USA, Federal Republic of Germany) and exports to more than 120 countries.The four pillars of our high-quality products are: 
a) development: our strength lies in the development of highly effective chemical preparations geared to the special requirements of stored product protection. Numerous patents on these fields have been granted. 
b) production: Environment protection is the first consideration in both production and application. 
c) products:  The large product range - resulting from many years of experience - demonstrates our competence in pest control. With their special know-how the various companies of our group provide tailor-made solutions to most problems. d) seminaries: By holding seminaries application-related we support the effective and economical use of our products.

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    With the following four main product groups we contribute to the protection against storage pests: 

    • hydrogen phosphine preparations applied for the safe-keeping of stored products, animal feed, rice, nuts, seeds, tobacco and many other commodities. 
    • fogging spray and insect strip: used as reliable aids in the food producing industry, mills and storage rooms. 
    • rat baits: to control rats as the causes of disease and ruined stores. 
    • insecticides: available in a range from the poison-free pheromone trap against moths to the applicator friendly products against ants, flies, cockroaches and many others. 

    Our products include:

    • Phosphine Releasing Products
    • Contact Spray
    • Fogging Solution
    • pulsFOG
    • Consumer Products & Safety Equipment
    • Pellet Dispenser J-System Fumigation Chamber Tarpoulens
    • Rodenticides

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    10 Power Street
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    PO Box 7211
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