Elanco Animal Health

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Our business and our purpose hinge on relentlessly pursuing animal health through innovation – continuously seeking new ways to contribute to healthier people and a healthier environment.


We empower those who raise and care for animals with a comprehensive set of animal health products and knowledge services to help them address the global challenges of a diverse and changing world.


We offer products that:

  • Improve animal disease management and production efficiencyHelp pets live longer and healthier lives
  • Reduce the environmental impact of livestock production and increase nutrient digestibility through continued focus on improved health, enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics
  • Enhance animal well-being and help animals live quality lives


Our antibacterials, anticoccidials, vaccines, and other products improve animal health and make food safer by preventing and controlling disease.


We’re also actively advancing the growing nutritional health segment of probiotics, prebiotics, and enzymes, working to offer producers broader options for protecting animal health and improving animal performance.


We also provide a wide range of products and services to ensure pets live well and live long, including:

  • Parasiticides
  • Vaccines
  • Therapeutics
Acatak Pour-On 5l
Agita Granular Fly Bait 400g
Clik 5l
Compudose 200
Denaguard 10% Feed Premix 25kg
Ektoban 5l
Endex 5l Acaricides
Hemicell HT 25kg
Maxiban160 25kg
Milbemax Chewables 5kg
Milbemax Chewables Cats 2kg
Onsior Chewables 5kg
Onsior Chewables 5-10kg
Paylean 20 10kg
Rumensin 200 25kg
Surmax 100 25kg
Tylan 100 Premix 25kg
Zolvix 2.5l
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