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Our Promise

Our Promise: We will rigorously innovate to benefit our customers and improve the health of animals.

We find ways to add value with every customer engagement, addressing what matters most, and constantly raising the bar. That's how we earn trust. We must never feel this promise is achieved.


What We Do

At Elanco, we provide those who raise and care for animals with the products and services that empower them to address global challenges.

At Elanco, we relentlessly focus on customers and ensuring our work adds value to society. We're committed to improve the health of animals, people, and the plane


Elanco's Perspective

At Elanco, we believe healthier animals are central to addresses global issues like food security and nutrition, mental health and social isolation, and environmental sustainability. It all starts with healthier animals


Healthier Animals

Helping pets and farm animals live healthy, quality lives by continuously identifying new and innovative animal care products and practices, while sharing our expertise.


Healthier People

Improving people's health, lives and livelihoods by promoting animal companionship and sustainable production of meat, milk, fish and eggs.


Healthier Planet

Conserving natural resources by leveraging innovations and technological advances that will help our stakeholders meet growing demand for more food, while making ourselves responsible stewards of our environment


Healthier Enterprise

Managing our own environmental footprint and governing our business with the highest ethical standards while creating an environment where all employees feel safe, respected, empowered and invested in making a difference to society.

man and woman stood in a field in front of cows with the woman stroking her dog and smiling

We combine our purpose-driven world view with decades of scientific innovation to advance the health of animals in collaboration with those who love and raise them.



Farm Animal Products & Services

Explore the products and services we provide for farm animals, helping farmers and veterinarians raise healthy livestock and make food safer.


Healthy Farm Animals

Raising healthy animals limits the potential for disease spread, supports farmers' livelihoods, and provides nutrient-rich meat, milk, fish, and eggs to nourish and support human health.


Through our products and services, we improve the health of animals by supporting the prevention, control, and treatment of disease. Guided by our vision of Food and Companionship Enriching Life, we ensure integrity, affordability, and availability of the food supply, and help to raise animals more efficiently, through supporting healthier people and a healthier environment.



We strive to help farmers and ranchers deliver a sustainable supply of safe, affordable beef through products and services that prevent, treat and control cattle diseases, improve performance and production.



Our products and services help dairies produce wholesome, safe milk, and drive sustainability by improving the overall health and well-being of dairy cows.



We equip poultry producers with the tools they need to prevent, treat and control common poultry challenges and improve the health of their flock.



A Full Value Relationship Starts with Understanding Your Business.



We help fish farmers improve the health and quality of their stocks, by ensuring that every fish, wherever it is raised, faces fewer barriers to healthy growth



There’ve been a lot of changes in the cattle industry over the last 40 years. Advanced genetics, improved nutritional programs and better animal health all add up to more production and efficiency per animal. Throughout it all, producers continue to trust Elanco's Rumensin® (monensin) to deliver consistent, dependable results.


Improved feed efficiency, improved average daily gain, increased milk production efficiency and effective prevention and control of coccidiosis — that’s the Rumensin tradition.



In feedyards, Rumensin improves feed efficiency by providing more energy from the ration.1 Research demonstrates that Rumensin improves feed efficiency by 4% and provides a net return of $23.13/hd.2


On pasture, Rumensin improves feed efficiency in beef cows, reducing their feed requirements 5% to 10% while maintaining body weight with no negative impacts on reproductive performance.3 Rumensin also improves average daily gain in replacement heifers, resulting in fewer days to first estrus — which can result in improved lifetime productivity.4


For only pennies per head per day, you can sell heavier stocker and backgrounder cattle. Rumensin is a proven management tool that optimizes your investment by improving cattle weight gain, even as the quality of forage changes from year to year.2


For the prevention and control of coccidiosis, Rumensin is the most potent feed ingredient available5 that kills coccidiosis parasites at three different stages in the life cycle instead of merely slowing their development.6 It's more efficacious at lower doses compared to other ionophores.5



Cows have different needs at different stages of lactation. Early-lactation cows crave additional energy to support higher milk production. Their late-lactation counterparts need less feed to maintain production and pregnancies.


Regardless of the feedstuffs for lactating and dry cows, Rumensin helps cows get more energy from every pound of feed.


For the prevention and control of coccidiosis in dairy replacement heifers and calves, Rumensin is the most potent feed ingredient available1 that kills coccidiosis parasites at three different stages in the life cycle instead of merely slowing their development.2 It's more efficacious at lower doses compared to other ionophores.1


To learn more about Rumensin, reach out to your local Elanco sales representative or technical consultant.

Acatak Pour-On 5l
Agita Granular Fly Bait 400g
Clik 5l
Compudose 200
Denaguard 10% Feed Premix 25kg
Ektoban 5l
Endex 5l Acaricides
Hemicell HT 25kg
Maxiban160 25kg
Milbemax Chewables 5kg
Milbemax Chewables Cats 2kg
Onsior Chewables 5kg
Onsior Chewables 5-10kg
Paylean 20 10kg
Rumensin 200 25kg
Surmax 100 25kg
Tylan 100 Premix 25kg
Zolvix 2.5l


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