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Stock theft and predator attacks can result in major financial loss, and many farmers despair at finding a solution.

Philip Lötter, a former sheep farmer in the Western Cape, suffered ongoing livestock theft on his farm. In 1999, he decided to tackle the problem head-on, and collaborated with Stellenbosch-based company Etse Electronics to develop a livestock anti-theft system.

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A FarmRanger collar is placed on only one animal per group, and thereby monitors the entire flock or herd. If the animal is threatened, the collar will sense the abnormal movement and trigger an alarm on the farmer’s mobile.

With its built-in GPS, FarmRanger allows a farmer to keep precise track of a herd or flock, showing where the alarm is occurring. FarmRanger can be used on any mobile phone via SMS messages, and has a smartphone application available for Android and Apple devices.

FarmRanger does not require field stations because the collars communicate directly to the farmer’s phone. This means that there is no set-up cost, making FarmRanger a very affordable solution.

More than 1 500 farmers in South Africa, Namibia and Australia are currently using FarmRanger collars.

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Livestock Theft? Predators? Stray Dog Attacks?

We want to help farmers have one less thing to worry about, with a simple smart-device solution to safeguard your livestock.

That is why we created FarmRanger’s Livestock Security Collars, to help you stay one step ahead of the herd in case of theft or predator attacks. Through precision engineering our GPS tracking technology monitors herd movements and behaviours, to alert you when danger is near.

Check the status of your stock camps straight from your phone and receive alerts, notifications and live tracking updates, should an incident occur.

FarmRanger is easy to use - have a look at our video, just follow the link:


Anything out of the ordinary is detected

Anything that will startle your livestock will be sensed. Protect your animals from stray dogs, caracal, jackal, leopard, rustlers, raiders, vultures, fires and many more.

Adjustable for almost any livestock

Users have the option to adjust the settings to accommodate just about any livestock. These settings are predominantly related to how active they are at night.


There are no installation costs. Once you received your unit, all you have to do is attach it to an animal.

Works with any mobile device

The easy-to-use application can be installed on any Android or iOS device.

Tamper proof design

There are no field stations that thieves could damage and any tampering with the unit will set off an alarm on the farmers mobile device.

Nationwide coverage

FarmRanger collars work on a GPRS network which has the widest spread coverage of all mobile networks. Coverage enhancing systems can be installed on request.

Rechargeable batteries

The batteries are rechargeable and should last about 12 weeks.

Rugged design

Units are 100% waterproof, rated IP67 and have a 12-month guarantee. The current design has been built since 2006 and the first unit is still in use today

One unit fits all

The same unit can be used on any livestock. FarmRanger collars are adjustable for size and sensitivity to accommodate sheep, cattle, horses, goats and more.

No smartphone? No Problem.

If you don't have a smartphone, functionality can also work on any older phone via sms messages and calls.

FarmRanger is a division of ETSE Electronics Pty (Ltd)

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