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Fever Tree Fencing
Company Information

Fever Tree Fencing is a manufacturer and installer of high quality security fences. Our company, founded back in 2014 is family owned and operated with a core focus on delivering excellent customer service for bespoke solutions. Our continued investment into our people and our technology means that we are constantly evolving our products in terms of range, usage and application and strive for perfection in each and every job we complete. The ultimate goal is to produce a product that is both durable and secure, while maintaining every aspect of aesthetic appeal and above all else, great value for money.

We take pride in our work and work to ensure that our clients are always satisfied with the final product. Fever Tree Fencing has been consistently rated as one of the best security fence installers in the Western Cape and we continue to enjoy an unmatched success in the fencing industry.

For more information on our products and services, or to obtain advice or a free, no obligation quotation, please feel free to drop us a line…. or feel free to check out what are customers are saying about our products and services here.

We look forward to welcoming you as a new customer.


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Products & Services
Quality Vibacrete Walling

Looking for professional contractors to help you with installation of high quality wall systems to boost security of your home or commercial property? Talk to our team today. We are the leading manufacturers for Vibacrete walling Cape Town and security perimeter walls installation. We have been in the industry long enough to understand the diverse needs of our esteemed clients and how to meet their high expectations. Therefore, you can expect nothing short of satisfactory results at every stage of your project.

There isn’t a more reliable and deserving team to oversee your wall construction Cape Town than our experts. We are highly qualified, have lots of experience, and always pay attention to detail. We work closely with every single client to get a better understanding of their needs and come up with efficient and affordable ways to solve the challenges. We work well within your desired budget to produce a solution that is cost effective whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality. Free quotes are drafted for every client on request, and you can be sure there will be no hidden costs or expenses.

Vibracrete Wall Extensions

y existing wall can be extended through our Vibracrete Wall extensions in Cape Town. If you need extra privacy, extra security or simply need to extend your boundary to a bigger height, this is a full proof option. Our installation team can work with either your existing vibrate wall or can supply the extensions in addition to your overall project.

Our Vibracrete Extensions is suitable for any application where there is an existing wall, for added security to boundary walls, garden walls, swimming pool surround and overall added protection to your property.

Depending on the current height of you wall and taking into account the legally acceptable wall height restrictions in your area, we can custom make wall extensions to suit your requirements, plastered, painted or coated, the choice is yours. If you want the job done right, look no further than our qualified fencing & wall experts.

Plastered Vibracrete Walls

Lets face it, standard vibracrete walling systems dont look the best when left unfinished. That why we are please to be able to offer Plastering services for all our wall products. Fever Tree Vibracrete can be plastered and painted to adapt the aesthetic qualities and finishes of a plastered brick / concrete wall to allow it to blend into your property with ease and provide an exclusive and executive look to your property.

The best time to apply our Wall plastering is during the main installation of your chosen products. We can however, work with any existing boundary walls that you many have to give them a better, more updated look. From preparing the surfaces to expertly plastering every inch of your wall, our team of experts is on hand to provide a quality finish, which is both durable and maintenance free for years to come. We can also paint any Wall Plastering in Cape Town to your chosen colours and have a range of different options available for this.

Fence & Wall Security spike

With our wall and fence spike installation Cape Town services, we have helped homeowners and businesses keep burglars and intruders at bay thus safeguarding you and your valuables. We can also come to your rescue with the best wall security spikes on the market at very affordable rates. Our range of steel wall spikes Cape Town are made to last and we only use the very best reinforced galvanised steel to ensure a quality product is installed, free from future rust or corrosion and one that is maintenance free for years to come. You can apply our wall spike products to your existing wall or fence or have us make a new perimeter fence that better suits your needs.

Palisade Fencing

Fever Tree Fencing Palisade is designed to combat rust, corrosion and persistent weather conditions and for this reason, we only use the best strong and highly durable galvanised steel slit coil. This type of Fencing can be painted, coated or epoxied to any colour to match your requirements and any existing aesthetics of your property. With absolutely no welding required and using patented manufacturing machinery, we are at the fore front of Palisade Fencing in Cape Town.

Our professional installation team will make sure your product is designed with precision, installed with great care and accuracy and completed to your exact requirements, regardless of how complex or big your job may seem.

DIY Kits

Handy with the tools? We can provide a custom DIY fencing kit to you, made to measure and complete with all the necessary documentation, plans and step by step installation instructions to ensure you get a quality installation, without the need or expense of using our team.

Pedestrian & Sliding Gates

Welcome to the most qualified and experienced gate experts in the entire region. Perimeter gates, galvanised steel gate construction, you name it, we are the most reliable experts. We provide high quality services that range from pedestrian gate installation in Cape Town to gate motor servicing all over the region. Our technicians are seasoned specialists with unrivalled expertise in the industry. We use only the very best materials and cladding to ensure that whatever your requirements might be for a pedestrian or sliding gate, we have you covered.

Our products come in a range of different applications and are suited to any shape or size of your choosing. The choice between wooden or metal frames and Meranti wood, Sino Board, Fibre cement or Palisade clad Fencing mean the possibilities for design are endless. We can paint or coat any gate and automation and intercom installation is an option for more advanced installs

Wooden Gates

Merantie wooden gates are a great addition to any property. Besides looking great, they are also extremely durable due to the solid tongue in groove installation and solid wood construction. Our wooden gates Cape Town come in a variety of different styles, shapes and sizes not to mention the unlimited choice of colour applications, finishes, patterns and textures we can apply.

Whether you are looking for a sliding gate, side gate or pedestrian gate, we are able to design, manufacture and competently install to your exact requirements.  Our range of installation options is vast and in addition to a manual sliding wooden gate option, we can also provide the addition of a motorised mechanism to automate your wooden gates either by control switch or via remote.

As a professional company, we understand how important it is to get the job done right, first time. We listen to your requirements whilst making suggestions and recommendations to help suit your needs and your desired budget. Our installation team in Cape Town will work effortlessly to transform your property with the addition of a great looking Merantie Wooden gate. Give us a call today to discuss your requirements in more detail with a member of the team.

Carports / Afdakke

Get the best carports in Cape Town from the leading installers in the region at very affordable rates. Be it wooden or steel construction, we are on hand to make sure you are satisfied with the results. Our contractors are qualified and experienced specialists who know everything about carports for homes and business premises.

We have handled both residential and commercial projects and can easily pin point impending issues when handling a car port renovation. You can rely on us to advise you accordingly when torn between translucent polycarb sheets and coloured polycarb sheets, as well as a range of other available options.


We welcome the chance to talk to you about the products and services offered by Fever Tree Fencing and would be more than happy to talk through our product range and production capabilities with you. If you would like to get in touch with us, please feel free to use any of the below contact methods and we will be more than happy to help.

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