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 Whether it’s a tractor, combine harvester, earthmoving or forestry equipment you’re using, we offer solutions to optimise its power and performance allowing you to apply them with more torque in every work situation. Optimisation of these equipment can help save and achieve more economic efficiency which is very important especially in times of high and ever-increasing energy costs.

Apply more power to your business and increase your earnings.

Never buy the top of the range vehicle again! With Footprint Performance you can safely upgrade the power output; for instance, a John Deere 8245R to match the power of the 8295R. These machines have exactly the same engine and transmission components, and can safely accommodate the additional power. This is exactly what the manufacturers do for the additional power from the base- to top models in a range.

Don’t sell, upgrade!!

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We are also able to perform EGR, DPF and Adblue delete options. If you are interested in these options, please Contact us

Tractor Tuning Benefits:

  • Performance tuning for any job 
  • More power and torque of up to 25 % 
  • Optimised fuel consumption values 
  • More yield with less use 
  • Lower maintenance costs 

Save 20% more fuel on your tractor or harvester as an added bonus from specialised and tested performance enhancement.

To improve your productivity or fuel efficiency you must have a tractor that meets your needs. We can give your tractor the power to meet everyday demands efficiently and effectively. These enhancements have been tested for many hours to ensure longevity of your very expensive vehicle. Don’t buy new equipment, just upgrade existing.

Why use Footprint Performance?

We have partnered with the best possible tuning companies in the world to enhance performance on your very expensive machinery. We choose the best option for each vehicle to ensure that you get the best results on each individual vehicle.

All tractor and truck tunes have been developed and tested on a dyno testing station before being released for production. AFR (Air Fuel Ratio) monitoring will be conducted on all tunes to ensure that all files are within specification after being installed onto each individual machine.

Products & Services
Tractor EGR Removal

EGR removal means to disable the exhaust gas recirculation valve. See which models are possible here.

Constantly redirecting a part of the exhaust gases back in the engine is not the best thing that can happen to a engine, it increaes the intake temperatures, can lead to a soot buildup on the intake valves and channels and EGR valves are also known to start leaking after longer use.

As a result of shutting down the EGR valve the engine’s last- and temperature-condition stays closed. This modification was developed to clear away several problems in countries that have to deal with poor quality Diesel.

High amount of water in Diesel always causes problems with the EGR valve or the EGR cooler. These problems result in a decrease of the engine’s lifetime and leads to breakdowns.

Through a disable of the EGR valve we avoid or even eliminate these problems.


Possible tractors: e.g.

John Deere: 6105R, 6140R, 7230R, 7260R, 6230P, 7230P, 7830P and all other models from R serie and xx30 Premium serie.

New Holland T4, T5 series.

CASE IH 8.7L engine series with EDC17C31 Control Unit and CASE IH 3.4L engine series with EDC17C49 Control Unit.

Tractor Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Disable

A diesel particulate filter (or DPF) is a device designed to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. See which models are possible here.

Increasing breakdown in these filters causes many owners to spent thousands of Rands in maintenance. We remove the DPF filter regocgnition in the software and the filter can be safely removed from the tractor.


John Deere series:

6R Serie: 6115R, 6125R, 6130R, 6140R, 6150R, 6170R

6M Serie: 6115M, 6125M, 6130M, 6140M, 6150M, 6170M

6MC Serie: 6090MC, 6100MC, 6110MC

6RC Serie: 6090RC, 6100RC, 6110RC

7R Serie: 7210R, 7230R, 7250R, 7270R, 7290R, 7310R

8R Serie: 8245R, 8270R, 8295R, 8320R, 8320RT, 8345R, 8345RT, 8370R, 8370RT

Tractor SCR Urea AdBlue Delete

We can disable the SCR Urea consumption on your Tractor, and there is no refuelling of AdBlue necessary any longer. See which models are possible here.

You can even remove the entire SCR Urea System.

Also possible with defective pumps.

Using software modification (Chiptuning) we disable the AdBlue consumption in the following models:


All Fendt Tier 4 models.

Fendt 207 Vario, Fendt 208 Vario, Fendt 209 Vario, Fendt 210 vario, Fendt 211 Vario

Fendt 309 Vario, Fendt 310 Vario, Fendt 311 Vario, Fendt 312 Vario, Fendt 313 Vario

Fendt 512 Vario, Fendt 513 Vario, Fendt 514 Vario, Fendt 516 Vario

Fendt 712 Vario, Fendt 714 Vario, Fendt 716 Vario, Fendt 718 Vario, Fendt 729 Vario, Fendt 722 Vario, Fendt 724 Vario

Fendt 819 Vario, Fendt 820 Vario, Fendt 822 Vario, Fendt 824 Vario, Fendt 826 Vario, Fendt 828 Vario

Fendt 924 Vario, Fendt 927 Vario, Fendt 930 Vario, Fendt 936 Vario, Fendt 939 Vario


New Holland Tractor

T6.120 4.5L, T6.140 4.5L, T6.150 4.5L, T6.155 6.7L, T6.160 4.5L, T6.165 6.7L, T6.175 6.7L

T7.170 6.7L, T7.185 6.7L, T7.200 6.7L, T7.210 6.7L, T7.220 6.7L, T7.235 6.7L, T7.250 6.7L, T7260 6.7L, T7.270 6.7L

T8.300 8.7L, T8.330 8.7L, T8.360 8.7L, T8.390 8.7L, T8.420 8.7L

T9.390 8.7L, T9.450 12.7L, T9.505 12.7L, T9.670 12.7L, T9.560 12.7L, T9.615 12.7L


New Holland harvester

CX5080, CX5090, CX6080, CX6090

CR8070, CR8080, CR9070, CR9080, CR9090

New Holland harvester forage

FR450, FR500, FR600, FR700, FR850

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