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Since 1944, H Pistorius & Co have been supplying South Africa with the best quality agricultural lime (also known as aglime). As one of the oldest aglime suppliers, H Pistorius & Co are also actively and directly involved with agricultural lime regulations.

Born in 1917, Hendrik Pistorius founded H Pistorius & Co, was chairman of the company and actively involved until his passing in 2018.

As the longest-running agricultural lime suppliers in Africa, H Pistorius & Co take pride in both our reputation and in delivering the best quality agricultural lime to South Africa. With a passion for what we do, H Pistorius & Co take initiative and have helped to implement a few agricultural regulations. One of the most valued of these being that the resin analysis must be displayed on any agricultural lime registration.

This resin analysis refers to ENVIS: Effective Neutralisation Visible In Soil. ENVIS highlights the problem that some agricultural limes dissolve 100% in the traditional strong acid test method (HCI – 5000 times stronger than soil acid), but as little as 11% dissolve in soil.

H Pistorius & Co has also been actively involved in lime research. In South Africa, our lime resources are well located and are primarily used in Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Eastern Free State.


Suppliers of argricultural lime products in South Africa

  1. Dolomitic Lime
  2. Calcitic Lime
  3. Agricultural Gypsum



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